The Handmade Chocolate Guido Gobino, the king of chocolate in Turin

Guido Gobino, producer of gianduiotti and artisan chocolate, has become the king of chocolate in Turin and in Italy, able to offer to enthusiasts, experts and admirers a product of absolute excellence.

Where the Gobino Chocolate is born

The history of the Gobino brand began in 1964, when Giuseppe Gobino, following the experience gained in the sector of cocoa refining, made his entry into the company as production director.

In 1980, Giuseppe became the sole owner of the brand, thus starting a research and development project in the field of chocolate and, above all, relaunching the preparation of typical products of the Turin tradition such as Giandujotti and Gianduja cream.

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Since the beginning of the 90s, following an important process of restructuring of production systems and processes, Gobino has embarked on a further journey into tradition, in the name of the ancient recipes of the Turin tradition. This is how the Giandujotto Artisan Laboratory was born, which allowed the company to reach the highest quality standards, focusing more and more on raw materials of absolute excellence and a wise mix of technique and craftsmanship.

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Gobino, the Italian artisan quality

Guido Gobino excellently represents in full the Italian craftsmanship, which combines tradition with innovation and creativity, a passion for chocolate that leads to the creation of unique products for taste and quality. A quality that is reflected not only in all the products of the supply chain, but also in the design of the packaging. Starting from the processing of cocoa, and moving on to artisanal production characterized by operations carried out only by hand, which include the preparation of ganache and then of coverings and decorations.

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Gobino’s handmade chocolate is tested and subjected to quality controls at every stage of processing, in order to ensure its standards of excellence. The research and design of new products is always a process that requires a long and complex processing, starting from a test recipe and, later, tastings and laboratory checks. All this happens thanks to cutting-edge technologies and, at the same time, the craftsmanship of experienced and competent personnel. Up to the packages – from the cases to the bags, from the boxes to the packages – that are entirely manufactured by hand.

Armani/Dolci by Guido Gobino, così il cioccolato artigianale diventa fashion
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Chocolate Gobino, the famous Giandujotto

The preparation of the famous Giandujotti is carried out following the traditional method, which involves the creation of each chocolate individually, in order to make each piece unique. In fact, the extrusion technique is used, as was once done, modelling the dough by hand with special tools. The 10 grams Giandujotto, in fact, comes from the skilful blend of superior quality raw materials, starting from the Piedmont Hazelnuts PGI. 

Il Piemonte tutelerà la produzione delle nocciole di qualità
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Touring Maximo are still tempered by hand, according to the process that allows you to reach the right degree of consistency, perfectly balancing butter and cocoa. Once ready, the Giandujotti are then wrapped in the appropriate wrapper, printed directly in the laboratory, with the writing and colour customized. 

Guido Gobino | - The Lifestyle Guide
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Type and history of Gobino chocolate

The Cremini are cut with the “guitar”, a typical tool of the artisan workshops, which allow a uniform operation and to preserve the small differences typical of a handwork. Tourinot n. 10 was born on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the Bottega Gobino in Via Lagrange.

Cremino Classico | Guido Gobino
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 These delicacies combine the softness of Hazelnut Piedmont PGI to the delights of dark chocolate, which are combined with taste notes of honey, cereals and biscuits of toasted Ecuador cocoa. The Maximo +39 has been awarded with the award of Best Giandujotto in Italy, winning the Premio Tavoletta d’Oro from 2012 to 2017, and is produced in a limited edition from October to March. This delight weighs only 5 grams, and its recipe does not require the use of milk.

Gianduja di Gobino owes its soft consistency to the use of Hazelnut Piedmont PGI, and milk of the farms of the Piedmontese Alps.

Per i 25 anni del Tourinot, Guido Gobino si regala il nuovo e-commerce -  Dolcegiornale
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How to reach the great seat of Gobino chocolate

The historical headquarters of Gobino is located in Via Cagliari. The Gobino shops in Turin are located in Via Lagrange, in the heart of the historic center, and in Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, within the historic premises of Platti. In addition, there is a point of sale and tasting – with design by Pininfarina – at the departure area of Sandro Pertini Airport, in Caselle Torinese. In Milan, there are workshops in Corso Garibaldi and Corso Magenta 

Guido Gobino | - The Lifestyle Guide
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Turin, capital of refinement, architecture and cuisine

Among the many beautiful Italian cities,Turin definitely deserves a special place for its artistic and architectural beauties and per l’importante e centenaria storia che si respira nelle sue grandi piazze, in the streets of the center, in the sue chiese and its numerous museums. Between art, history, culture and gastronomy, here is a wonderful journey through the treasures of the Savoy city.

  • The Mole Antonelliana and the Cinema Museum

The beautiful building designed by Antonelli is undoubtedly the symbol of Turin par excellence. The Mole, which stands out in the panorama of the Savoy city, also houses the National Cinema Museum, one of the most visited in Turin and the only example of a museum dedicated to the art week in Italy.

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  • the Egyptian Museum

The Museum of Egyptian Antiquities in Turin, housed in the seventeenth-century building of the Palazzo dell’Accademia delle Scienze, is the most important Egyptian museum in the world after that of Cairo. On display are about 6,500 artifacts including statues, sarcophagi and grave goods, mummies, papyri, amulets, jewelry.

Museo Egizio, il museo dei record - Welcome to Italia
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  • The Chapel of the Shroud

Reopened in September 2018 after the long restoration, the Shroud Chapel of Turin is definitely one of the things to see in the Piedmontese capital. The baroque masterpiece of Guarino Guarini, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997, is a jewel to be seen with its precious black marble streaked with gray, the beautiful arches and pillars, the plays of light, the statues, the dense plot of alluse signs, the bronze capitals with the symbols of the Passion.

Cappella della Sindone, concluso il restauro dell'Altare di Antonio Bertola  - Musei Reali Torino
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The culinary excellence of Turin

Turin is this and much more, its history is incredible and it would not be enough a whole day to stop and see its wonders. But also The Turin gastronomy is rich in traditional dishes made with tasty local ingredients. Long and elaborate preparations are very often the basis of traditional Piedmontese dishes. Elements recurrences della gastronomia del capoluogo piemontese sono le paste ripiene, la carne, le verdure e ovviamente il buon vino, among the best in Italy, which accompanies these delicious recipes.

Come preparare il vitello tonnato. La ricetta | Cibovagare
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If you are fond of pasta you should definitely taste the tajarin seasoned with butter and embellished with the scent and taste of white truffle. The precious white truffle of Alba meets in this dish the mythical tajarin (tagliolini), typical egg pasta from the Langhe and Monferrato but widespread throughout Piedmont and therefore also in Turin.

Plin & Tajarin - ristorante tipico a Torino | ZonzoFox
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