Cascina Ponchietta Agritourism: a moment of peace in Piedmont


Located in the south-western tip of Piedmont, on the borders with France to the west and to the south with Liguria, the province of Cuneo is surrounded by the Alps with Monviso massif and the hills of Langhe, Roero and Monferrato, rich countries, ancient villages, vineyards and great gastronomic traditions, as well as areas of excellence for wine lovers. It is here, on the beautiful hills of Roero, namely in Montà dAlba, which is Agriturismo Cascina Ponchietta, a authentic agritourism thought to families and offering hospitality to those who wish to explore the rich surroundings, practicing numerous hiking and recreational activities.

In Monte d’Alba, Marina and Vittorio run a traditional agritourism dedicated to the breeding of Piemontese cattle and production of cereals and wine, pursuing with great passion the old family tradition. Spread over about 13 hectares of land, the company produces only red wines, such as Nebbiolo Langhe, Barbera Piemonte, Langhe Freisa and Caio, available to guests who can taste them with cold meats, cheeses and pastries. Wines which owe their high quality and characterization to east-south and south-west exposure, at the height of 360 meters above sea level and the clayey land. The small yield per hectare and careful care of the vineyard allow you to bring in the cellar perfectly healthy and ripe grapes in order to obtain well-structured and balanced wines.

Since 2000, after a complete renovation of the old family home of Victor, made in respect of its original features, the couple started the accommodation business offering hospitality in 4 bedrooms and 3 brand new rooms in a simple style, but equipped with all comforts.

The activity obtained the attentive and generous commitment of the whole family! The sons Francis, Peter and James give their valuable contribution in management of agritourism and in the care of the garden, while Giulia deals with the reception and preparation of the rooms.

In the agritourism Cascina Ponchietta breakfast is a sweet, lingering moment of pleasure when guests are delighted with the aromas and flavors of the farm products, jams, juices, biscuits, cakes, yogurt, but also cold cuts, local and seasonal cheeses DOP and a good assortment of cereals come from organic farms in the area and excellent fair trade products.

Marina and Vittorio believe strongly in the value of land, as a key resource and wealth from which improve the environment in which we live. That is why for over twenty years they follow the guidelines of Cee of disciplinary integrated  management in agriculture; with various tools and techniques of production and careful use of products that are aimed at regulating the ecosystems, Cascina Ponchietta contributes, in fact, to reduce the environmental impact, a commitment that embraces every aspect of business, for example the use of a photovoltaic system with 24 panels to produce independently from the electrical energy, the use of soaps produced by a company specialized in the area of ​​100% natural cosmetic products based on olive oil and yet, the presence of two solar panels that heat the water for showers and the pool.

Cascina Ponchietta is a paradise for connoisseurs of quality and authenticity, the agritourism that seeks to preserve very carefully its authenticity and its ancient roots. Marina, Vittorio and their entire family will warmly welcome you so you can feel at home and enjoy the benefits of the special vacation in contact with nature!


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