The website enhances the virtues of the Belpaese, from the enogastronomic point of view, through news, articles, interviews, recipes, cooking fun facts and the protagonists of this sector. But also from the artistic, cultural and turistic point of view, by suggesting classic but also secret itineraries, travel suggestions in the less-known valleys and hamlets, unmissable events and breathtaking panoramas to enjoy by yourself or together with your dear ones.

Italian Traditions is always looking for blogger and vloggers who love to talk about everything that says “Italy”, through posts or interviews. If you want to be an author for Italian Traditions, send an e-mail to, we will get back to you as soon as possible!


Lucilla la Puma – Journalist

14 years between radio, TV and press. Lucilla interviews people and reports interesting Italian events that make Italy the Belpaeseevery day. She likes to look deeply into Italian facts and people, inspiring you with her content.

Francesca Perrone – Nutritionist

Francesca is a professional nutritionist. She graduated in Biological Sciences from the University of Messina in 2011. Subsequently she obtained a Master in Biology Applied to Food Sciences at the University of Milan.

Gianluca Masala – Blogger

Gianluca loves to travel and try new things all over Italy. He also loves quotes: he believes that, in life, we must always be true to ourselves. “Let me give you some advice that could be really useful: be kind to the people you meet on the way up, because they are the same people you will meet on the way down.”

Monica Auteri – Blogger

Monica has always written, but she is also a freelance journalist and a university student of Biology. She likes nature, animals and music, but she also loves traveling. Monica is a curious person and her motto is “Life is like a journey, are you ready to decide your destination?”.

Stefania Guerrera – Blogger

Stefania was born in Avellino, in the south of Campania. She is a freelance by choice and a writer by passion. For Italian Traditions she worked as an editor and blogger, talking about the most beautiful places in Italy.

Martina Zito – Blogger

Martina wrote many articles for Italian Traditions, giving voice to her passion for Italy. As a traveler and lover of the good life, he has developed unique posts that will help tourists or curious to get a taste of the magical peninsula.

Eleonora Menotti – Blogger

Eleonora was born in 1995 and has a specific purpose: to capture all the nuances of life through words, images and other means that can immortalize her vision of the world.

Thomas Bressani – Blogger

Thomas has always been interested in Italian companies. For this reason, he has written many posts talking about some of the most interesting entrepreneurial realities of the Belpaese.

Martina Valenti – Blogger

Martina’s knowledge of Italian wines, vineyards and wineriesis invaluable. For Italian Traditions he has written several articles on the most delicious wines, the best of each region and where to taste them.

Silvia Tramatzu – Interview Manager

Passionate about travel and cooking, for two years she has put in the Italian Traditions project the same passion she feels for Italy and its works of art. She interviewed many personalities, talking about Italian excellences, from companies to shops to hotels.

Federica Ghionna – Blogger

Federica spent part of her life translating the works of great, ancient authors. Then, she started writing herself. She spends most of her days typing, but calling her just an author would be rather limiting. She loves photography, arts and every part of the world her eyes haven’t seen yet.

Marco Fogliazza – Blogger

Marco was born in Crema, in Lombardy, in 1982. He has a degree in philosophy and a specialization in publishing products and professions at the University of Pavia. He is passionate about everything related to publishing, literature and travel. For Italian Traditions he wrote many interesting posts.

Paolo Melissi – Blogger

Paolo works as a writer and collaborates with several newspapers. He also organizes cultural events. For Italian Traditions he wrote many article about the beauties and the traditions of the Belpaese.

Matteo Vergani – Blogger

Thanks to his passion for writing and his love for Italy, Matteo wrote many articles about the Belpaese. He also loves organizing naturalistic events and tours to discover the true tastes and landscape of this country.

Francesca Pola – Blogger

Francesca was born in 1979 in a small town in Sardinia. She got a degree in classic literature and she has always loved writing. Now she lives in Cagliari and in her free time she draws and writes on her personal blog. For Italian Traditions she wrote many articles revealing the most hidden secret of her beautiful island.

MelaniaR. – Blogger

Melania was part of Italian Traditions for more than two years. She loveseverything concerning the Italian food, its events and the best companies of the country.

Fabio Rossi – Journalist

Food, motors and gems of the Belpaese: these are Fabio’s interests. For Italian Traditions he wrote manu articles of food excellences, on the best cars and motos and some beautiful pieces about the most hidden jewels of Italy.

Giulia Surace – Blogger

Giulia has always loved to travel and to discover new things about Italy. On Italian Traditions she talked about all the beauties she had seen during her travels, but also about everything she had discovered about the food and drink excellencies of the Belpaese.

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