Italian Traditions was founded in 2013 to spread and promote online the uniqueness and authenticity of Italian excellence and those who produce them.

Under the motto “Live the Belpaese“, Italian Traditions offers an in-depth journey to discover all that is authentically and proudly Made in Italy. A mapping on the concepts of good living, craftsmanship and hospitality, inherent in the Italian identity heritage.

Today Italian Traditions is the brand Ambassador of the uniqueness and authenticity of Italian excellence, through a digital magazine whose high quality editorial content becomes, in itself, the primary source of promotion for the Made in Italy and its excellence.

With Italian Traditions anyone can immerse themselves with a simple click, in folklore, art and culture, and even between the flavors and the magnificent colors of our land, to fully enjoy the virtues of Italy.

The Italian website is translated into five languages: English, French, Russian, German, Spanish

The project of Italian Traditions

Italian Traditions wants to be a meeting point and reference point for all those who love Italy and its unique tradition as a treasure to be valued, promoted and preserved:

  • A cross-media promotional channel with useful tools for those companies that are involved in spreading the authenticity of Made in Italy.
  • A digital platform on Made in Italy that speaks, describes and promotes Italy.
  • A marketplace of products strictly Made in Italy.

From a purely editorial perspective Italian Traditions is a digital information platform that tells and highlights the virtues of Belpaese both on the eno-gastronomic side – news, interviews, recipes, culinary curiosities, protagonists of taste – both in terms of art, culture and tourism – itineraries, suggestions and ideas for travel, events not to be missed and places to explore.

From a commercial point of view, Italian Traditions through its showcase of niche products, difficult to find in some areas and areas of the world, cancels the geographical limits, allowing consumers to discover and make their purchases wherever they are. Made in Italy products, of all those companies that in a genuine way and with great pride are the spokesmen of excellence and typically Italian lifestyle.

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