Turin’s street food: between art and culinary tradition

Food is always a good way to go deep in the customs and the history of a town. A case in point is Turin’s street food: its old and at this point very popular recipes still prepared just like old times are served to tourists curious to taste the local delicacies, whilst walking past the historical and artistic beauties that Turin has to offer. 

street food di torino-italiantraditions

Turin’s street food has become a habit for all those who love to have some nice street food, either during their vacation or on a relaxing weekend getaway. Before going inside the beating heart of the city and find out all it can offer, let us discover more about the origins of its street food. 

Turin’s street food: how it comes to be 

Street Food indicates that food that you can enjoy during a walk, and it came to be as a result of all those people who just did not have any time to take a sit and enjoy the food at a restaurant or simply did not want to, so delicacies to be enjoyed whilst standing came to be along with the temporary trucks you often see in the big cities.

It is believed to have even older roots: it seems to be dating back to about 10,000 years ago! In fact, the Greeks referenced this Egyptian custom related to food, then adopted by Greeks themselves, and then passed on to the Romans. We can find evidence in the excavations of Pompeii and Herculaneaum where you can find well preserved remains of the characteristic “thermopolia“, which are nothing other than modern day stalls. 

They are important proof related to modern street food, as they were essentially small kitchenettes overlooking the street and were used to sell a variety of cooked foods. Because at that time not all families owned a kitchen in their homes, they were used to having food in the street without spending too much money. 

Turin’s Street Food: a taste of the Piemonte city 

But let us get back to modern times and find out all the marvels that Turin has to offer, through the delicious specialties of its street food. There is nothing better than tasting the delicacies of the Piemonte region, whilst taking a walk in the region capital to enjoy the beautiful aristocratic palaces, the churches and the regal squares! 

Stuffed sandwiches and tasty Club Sandwich near the Mole Antonelliana

Gambero Rosso

Not far from the famous Mole Antonelliana, symbol of the city, it is possible to please the palate with a great variety of stuffed sandwiches, ready to satisfy even the most demanding clients. The Accademia del Panino is the ideal place where to have a break and enjoy Piemonte’s tipical flavors, including the tasty Club Sandwich.

Gofri, Bagna cauda and Stracotto al roero between Piazza Castello and Turin’s Duomo

Heading towards Piazza Castello, you will find yourself having a bite of one of Turin’s most popular street foods: the Gofri, a sort of savory waffle to be eaten both in a savory and sweet version. You could call it the perfect snack to eat between one visit and another. 

But that is not it, because just a few steps away from the beautiful Duomo di Torino, you can taste the best of local cusine, such as the Bagna Cauda, the Stracotto al roero and onions stuffed with sausage of Bra. And to top it all off, a nice gianduia ice cream!

But Turin’s street food is not only about italian food, in fact, in what was once the capital of Italy, today you can also step away from tradition, enjoying some excellent ethnic cuisine. 

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