Where to eat in Naples: Trattoria Nennella

Naples boasts a gastronomic and culinary tradition among the richest and tastiest in Italy. From antipasto to dessert without excluding coffee. But would you know where to eat in Naples, allowing yourself a break and a taste of  typical Neapolitan dishes? Here’s some advice: go to the Trattoria da Nennella!

 A “historic”  cuisine

The Trattoria da Nennella boasts a 60-year old history. Always situated in the Quartieri Spagnoli, but not far from via Roma (once via Toledo), the trattoria owes its name to the term that in Neapolitan is an endearing way to call  girls. In this case the “Nennella” is Elisabetta Vitiello, who in the immediate post-war period inaugurated a small room frequented above all by the American troops.

After a short time, however, the offer ranging from alcoholic beverages to snacks developed to some traditional and popular dishes: tripe and pasta and beans. All cooked “in view”. Over the years, Nennella’s entire family, who is no longer there, worked and still work in the restaurant. Starting with her son Pasquale and his wife and even her grandchildren. From the 12 seats of the beginning, there are now more than 120 seats spread over the three rooms and the outdoor space. The menu proposed by Trattoria Nennella, all typical Neapolitan dishes, varies every day, and is announced out loud for the benefit of the clientele, who are varied and also entertained by the informal environment.

Now let’s take a look at the typical menu of this place to eat in Naples!

dove mangiare a napoli

Tradition on the table

Nennella’s daily menu, which varies from day to day, includes an appetizer, first course, second course, side dish, bread, fruit, water and wine.

• The antipasto is a staple of the Neapolitan tradition:  potato croquettes, rice balls, vegetables, salami and olives.
• The main dishes include “classics” such as pasta and potatoes, pasta and beans, spaghetti alla puttanesca (olives and capers), escarole and beans soup, spaghetti with clams, baked pasta, potato gateau, Genoese pasta.
• The second courses range from fried anchovies to stockfish, from roasted pork to fried meatballs (or ricotta), from roasted mozzarella to roast chicken.
• Among the side dishes are the extraordinary friarielli, peppers au gratin, aubergines parmigiana, green peppers fried in tomato sauce.

The bread is baked in an oven in the hilly area of ​​Naples and arrives warm on the table. The house wine is usually an Aglianico coming from Monte di Procida. The price of the full menu is 10 euros! That drops to 8 euros if you intend to take away lunch. Here you can eat, without exaggeration, the best of the popular cuisine of Naples, all prepared with genuine ingredients and fish of the day.

The Trattoria Nennella can also host group lunches, parties and banquets.

Its location

Are you wondering how to get to the place I’ve just told you about? The Trattoria da Nennella is located in Vico Lungo Teatro Nuovo n. 103 in Naples. Piazza Carità is easily reachable: continue along Via Toledo until reaching the crossing with Vico.

Now that you know where to eat in Naples, what are you waiting for? The restaurant is ideal if you’re in town on vacation or to spend an evening out of the ordinary!

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