Typical products of Campania: Artichoke Festival

One of the most important Italian food & wine events, which promotes typical products from Campania, is the Artichoke festival. The event will start on April 21st at 7:30 pm and will end on May 1st 2018 in the “Piazza Borgo Gromola” area of ​​Città di Capaccio Paestum.

Artichoke Festival in Campania: more than just a fair

Among the objectives of the event is to raise awareness on the benefits of artichokes and of how a  diet rich in this vegetable is among one of the best and most healthy. And it is precisely with this theme that the event, now in its tenth edition, will be inaugurated.

On April 21st, in fact, the event will open with a Meeting on the Mediterranean Diet, during which the highlight will be on how the right quantities and types of food, consumed weekly, are a determining factor for health, especially that of women.

The day will continue with the presence of political, civil and religious authorities and with the opening of gastronomic stands where it will be possible to find typical dishes, many of which are prepared with the use of the Paestum PGI Artichoke, the pride of the entire fair.

Typical products from Campania: what does the 2018 edition foresee?

In this period, in fact, one of the best things to eat in Campania is precisely the artichoke, in particular the PGI quality Artichoke of Paestum in Campania, the absolute protagonist of the event.

However, in addition to the artichoke you can try many other typical dishes of Campania and, moreover, you can entertain yourself with excellent live music and various folk shows.

Among the most anticipated characters the band “Tammorasia”, composed for the most part by the D’Auria family, which will offer unforgettable shows thanks to the excellent tammurriata and pizzica popular dancers.

In addition, at the disposal of all guests who decide to take part in the “ Artichoke Festival“, the organizers guarantee a totally free large parking area, not only for cars, but also for campers, a huge green area reserved for children and unlimited wi-fi network.

But there’s more. For the entire duration of the event, Radio Paestum will be a guest, and they will broadcast live links from the event.

prodotti tipici campani

Typical products from Campania: the other guests of the event

During the ten days of the event, various artists who are very popular in the area will alternate their shows.

Among the many artists, we want to remember the band “Antiqua Saxa”, whose leader, Peppe Cirillo, will propose a refined concert of world music including  pieces from his record and the “The Brigands and Bottari degli Alburni”. an ethnic-popular group whose music is born in the land of bandits, or Alburni.

And again. There will also be “I Rittantico”, a band formed by a group of friends from the town of Novi Velia, but who immediately managed to have great success in the whole of Cilento.

In fact, he was also popular at the Milan Expo, in August 2015, representing the Mediterranean diet, and then the theater of the Bessunger Knabenschule in Darmstadt, representing the Campania region.

The “Festa del Carciofo” is now, after ten years, a symbol of the Campania region. For those who love the culinary tradition of the Mediterranean and appreciate the folklore shows is an unmissable event.


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