Young Shoes: the best footwear you can find in Salerno

Do you particularly love to wear shoes strictly made in Italy and are you looking for new models created by real footwear artisans? Campania, just like the rest of Italy, offers a myriad of opportunities in this sense and it certainly won’t be difficult to find shoe shops in Salerno or in other provinces that only deal with such products.

I’m talking about businesses that put the quality of footwear created by skilled craftsmen first, who know how important comfort and frequent use are.

After all, Italian fashion aims to offer only the best in this sector and prides itself on the fact that shoes and accessories are made exclusively in our territory.

You’ll be pleased to know that the companies present here respect the culture of Italian footwear and it is precisely this that ensures they win the trust of consumers.

It seems difficult to think that such great realities are still  able to produce high quality artifacts. Yet they succeed just fine!

You must know that even while modernizing and using industrial technologies, they continue to maintain the techniques of craftsmanship.

The numerous Italian shoe shops, including Young Shoes, are keen to keep up the level of the best Brands that they deal with and for nothing in the world would offer low-cost products.

And that’s not all, continue reading to discover much more interesting information on the world of  made in Italy shoes, just the ones you like to wear!

Shoe Shops in Salerno: the rich and fascinating history of Italian footwear

I’m sure you know very well that the Made in Italy footwear panorama extends widely and touches the entire Peninsula, and then spreads on the world market mainly for its quality.

But perhaps you don’t know the fact that shoe manufacturing in Italy and around the world has a rich and very fascinating history.

For example, did you know that the first pair of footwear dates back to prehistory? That’s right and at that time it seems that man used to cover his feet with untanned skins.

Just think that the Romans were among the best footwear artisans and at the time they used to wear shoes with rubber soles  fastened to their legs.

Then, with the passing of the centuries, they diversified from region to region and between commoners and clergy men.

The nineteenth century, that of industrialization, marks the beginning of the  production of shoes in series, which takes place directly in the factory.

Many models were created to meet the trends of those years. From satin and silk shoes to those in patent leather, from models with leather or wooden wedges to those with heels.

Do you know who contributed to make the décolleté with high and thin heel? Our legendary Salvatore Ferragamo, inventor of the famous 10 cm heel!

negozi di scarpe a salerno

Shoe stores in Salerno: why Italian shoes make the difference

Today  numerous companies are scattered in every corner of our country  that manufacture high-level products and as many are the stores that offer only the best of  Italian shoes.

If you have chosen to wear only handmade models, made with the best materials and sewn by hand by true shoe artists, there must be a reason, right?

And it is the same that thousands of other consumers share with you: to have at their feet original, elegant, comfortable shoes that last over time!

Have you ever got the chance to admire the shoes by Young Shoes? It is one of the best retailers of exclusive footwear, among which you can choose designer models:

  • Nero Giardini
  • Byblos
  • Geox
  • Fornarina
  • Ruco Line

and still many other strictly Italian brands and among the most important worldwide.

But it does not end here, because within this elegant shoe store in Salerno  you will also find accessories and clothing of the highest quality, produced by major Italian companies!


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