The Prince’s Path in Salerno 

If during your holiday in Salerno you want to get away from the beautiful beaches of Salento, the Sentiero del Principe is for you. In fact, this area, in addition to a lovely sea offers many activities including hiking, thanks to the wonderful trails of the place where nature is wild and still untouched. The Prince’s Path crosses the pine forest of Mount Bonadies and leads to Castello Arechi: here are the main stages. 

Starting from the top of Mount Bonadies and the Arechi Castle, which owes its name to the Lombard prince who built it in the seventh century, you start this exciting itinerary that will give you feelings of peace and serenity. 

The view that can be observed from Castello Arechi is wonderful and also visiting the castle will be an experience not to be forgotten. 

Continuing the route you will reach the Bastille, watch tower built on top of a rocky spur to defend the city.


From the Bastille, you will then descend towards Salerno: the Sentiero del Principe in this section will lead you to a panoramic terrace from which you can admire the entire gulf and the city. 

A stop at the terrace is a must, especially to take unforgettable photos! 

Taking the route again, you will proceed towards Croce di Cava, continuing to descend through the woods that lead to the mountain of San Liberatore. 

Right here you will find what is considered the most striking attraction of the Prince’s Path, the Prince’s Gate, the ruin of a church that was never finished and that dates back to the early twentieth century. 

Looking at this stone door will seem to enclose the entire Gulf of Salerno: it is a real wonder for the eyes. 

Then you will reach the pine forest below the castle and then go up and finish your route.


Useful information about the Prince’s Trail 

the Sentiero del Principe is a medium difficulty path and has some uphill sections, especially at the beginning, has a maximum difference in height of 400 meters, there are several variations of the route, the most complete, has a duration of about four hours, which also includes the various breaks that you will dedicate to admire the landscape from the different viewpoints of the route. 

You just need to be a little ‘trained and wear the right clothing to be able to tackle this path but remember to bring with you water and a snack because, along the entire route, you will not find refreshment points.


Salerno: what to do after the Prince’s Path 

The Sentiero del Principe is certainly one of the most attractive activities in the area but there are many other experiences you can do in the city of Salerno. 

The Provincial Art Gallery of Salerno 

To visit the Picture Gallery of Salerno you have to go through one of its main streets, Via de’ Mercanti and arrive at Palazzo Pinto, a noble residence that dates back to the seventeenth century and belonged to one of the most important families of the time. 

Inside you can admire an exhibition divided into three sections: the first collects works ranging from the fifteenth to the eighteenth century, the second is entitled “Salernitani and Costaioli” and the third “Foreign Artists”. 

A tip: to better organize your visit, first check the opening hours and rates of the Pinacoteca. 

The Duomo 

Built in the eleventh century and marked by a romantic style, over time has undergone various changes. 

It is one of the main attractions of the city, the main place of Catholic worship and, inside, you can also visit the crypt.


The Complex of Saint Sophia 

It is located in Piazza Abate Conforti and was built at the end of the tenth century; after the renovation it was used as a venue for events and exhibitions, in fact, every year, it hosts exhibitions of famous people of art and not only as Picasso, Caravaggio, Warhol and Nervi.


The Garden of the Minerva 

Another of the main attractions of the place, the Minerva Garden is a botanical garden that belonged, in the twelfth century, to the Silvatico family, a doctor of the Salernitana Medical School and maximum expert of plants used for healing purposes. 

It is the first botanical garden in Europe for the cultivation of plants for medical purposes that develops from the Villa Comunale up to Castello Arechi.


La Villa Comunale 

The Villa Comunale of Salerno hosts many events every year: for example, in spring, it is here that the famous Minerva Exhibition takes place that collects rare plants and garden accessories. 

In winter, however, the Villa Comunale is decorated with the light installations of the famous event Luci d’Artista, an exhibition of lights that lasts throughout the holiday season and attracts thousands of tourists every year.


After visiting the main attractions of the city, you just have to walk along the seafront of Salerno where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the Gulf and the Amalfi Coast, and enjoy the specialties of the place such as fried seafood, typical street food salentino, it is an exquisite cone of frying more or less large overflowing with dishes such as anchovies, shrimp, squid and paranza, so much taste with a few euros of cost. Or the fantastic zizzona of Battipaglia, a large buffalo mozzarella with a juicy taste. 

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