Vittoria Cycling Shoes & Helmets: the bike lovers’ reference point

Vittoria Cycling Shoes & Helmets is your reference point if you are an amateur or competitive cyclist and you are always looking for the best accessories.

We are not only talking about quality, but also about design and innovation, which have rewarded the company with the prestigious Design & Innovation Award 2018!

After all, cycling has infected most Italians, from the youngest to over 60’s and has now become one of the most popular sports at all levels.

I’m sure you remember the many champions of the past and those that race now, don’t you? Have you noticed how the type of clothing they wear, the footwear and even the bikes have changed?

Compared to the past, today we tend to look for Italian cycling shoes that are ever  more performing and aesthetically perfect, and it is the sames with clothing and the bikes.

After all,  Made in Italy fashion is a true legend not only in sport, but also in many other fields, including footwear. Quality and style are now recognized all over the world.

Talking about  products offered in Italian footwear stores, I would also like to emphasize that wearing great quality comfortable shoes, especially when practicing a sport, is essential for physical well-being.

The company from Vigliano Biellese knows this very well, that’s why it has become a reference point in the world of accessories for those who practice cycling!

How to reach Vigliano Biellese

By plane you can land at Turin airport and from here you reach the town by shuttle bus service.

By train, get off at the Biella San Paolo station and continue to Vigliano Biellese by taxi or bus.

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Vittoria Cycling Shoes & Helmets: the secret of its success

Did you know that the founder of Vittoria Cycling Shoes & Helmets was a great cyclist? That’s right and his name is Celestino Vercelli.

In 1976, after competing with many important names in cycling, Vercelli decided to start producing  footwear dedicated to this sport and after only two years he produced the first colored shoe.

You might be curious to know that forty years ago, cyclists’ shoes were made of leather with leather soles.

Subsequently the wooden sole was used, then replaced with nylon and then with carbon fiber, while the upper was made of microfibre.

About 10 years later comes the first triumph for the shoes produced by the Vercelli company, worn by Stephen Roche in the Giro d’Italia, in the Tour de France and in the World Road Championship.

But that’s not all, because 1987 was a very important year for the shoes from Biella as it marked the debut of the MTB line (Mountain Bike).

The success of  Vittoria Srl cycling shoes led the company to open a new branch in the US, in 2014, but the production remains always and strictly Italian.

You will certainly have seen an advertising spot with cyclists such as Pantani, Garzelli, Hora wearing Vittoria Cycling Shoes & Helmets, haven’t you?

Then you will certainly understand what I am talking about. After all, shoe shops in the province of Biella that offer them are really many, as well as footwear stores in Piedmont.

Vittoria Cycling Shoes & Helmets: not only shoes

Un vero e proprio piccolo mondo dedicato al ciclismo, dove qualità, moda, design ed innovazione si percepiscono a vista!

You will be pleased to discover that the Vigliano Biellese company today does not only produce cycling shoes, but also:

  • Road helmets
  • Chrono Helmets
  • Mtb Helmets
  • Clothing
  • Accessories (shoe covers, glasses, etc.)
  • Line 1976 (reproduction of the models of that year).

A real little world dedicated to cycling, where quality, fashion, design and innovation are perceived at first sight!

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