What to visit in Salerno: Archeological Museum in Salerno


Among the countless museums and galleries in Italy, the Provincial Archaeological Museum in Salerno is yet another demonstration of how rich and incredible the cultural, historical and artistic heritage of our country is. A nice idea that alone justifies a visit to Salerno!


Salerno a must see

If you are thinking about what to visit in Salerno, do not forget to include the Archeological Museum in your tour.

Founded in 1828, the Archaeological Museum of Salerno reopened its doors in February 2013 in Via San Benedetto 28. The museum, in fact, whose first installation was conceived in the ’70s by the architect Ezio de Felice, has been subjected to maintenance and restyling works, which have re-launched and enhanced its functionality, while respecting the original design.

The Complex of San Benedetto hosts the museum, built between the seventh and ninth centuries, on the area called Hortus Magnus, close to the eastern walls wanted by King Arechi II. The monastery, which in 930 became an abbey, hosted among others the Abbot Desiderio, who later became Pope Victor III, and Gregory VII. The Romanesque quadriportico and the renaissance gallery are visible today.


What to visit in Salerno: two historic tours

The Museum proposes, a lapidary with statues, figured reliefs and Roman honorary bases starting from the front garden. The archaeological exhibition, divided over two floors, follows a chronological and topographical route. On the ground floor the section “Archaeological Province” has been set up, which offers the most relevant findings found throughout the Salerno area, from prehistoric times to the Roman age. Particular attention is paid to the male and female costume.

The first floor is dedicated almost entirely to the Etruscan-Campanian Samnite site of Fratte, present in the northern suburbs of Salerno, and dated between the end of the VI century BC to the 1st century AD The museum course reconstructs its history, thanks also to the new archaeological discoveries conducted by the University of Salerno: the inhabited area and the necropolis and a study on the mythological figure of Hercules. Also, here is the bronze head of Apollo, symbol of the Museums of the Province of Salerno.

Archeological Museum Salerno


The museum structure is enriched by multimedia paths, with a splendid reconstruction of the Fratte site, and that of the ancient Mediterranean routes. The Associazione Fonderie Culturali is also active with various types of entertainment reserved for children. The educational workshops and special routes introduce children aged 5 to 13 to the discovery of the history and archeology of the city. All dedicated to play, imagination and manipulation. The activity of the Association is also addressed to teachers, thanks to the activity of an information desk to support curriculum design and the educational needs of the schools and classes involved.


With its interesting cultural and educational offer, the Archaeological Museum of Salerno is certainly an important stop if you really want to discover the city full of charm as well as history. Whether you visit it alone or with your family. Without a doubt it will be an exciting experience that you will remember with joy!


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