Mastro Moda in Positano: the Italian fashion

Fashion in Italy is among the main sectors on which the economy of the country is founded. In fact, when you think about women’s fashion, Italy is the first one you think about for product quality and innovative research.

Fashion Artisans in Positano

Each region in Italy is characterized by a typical and original expression. So, it is true that we talk about fashion in Italy, but it is also true that every place manifests its own originality.

And that’s exactly what happens between the various Italian fashion companies. In Positano, for example, the artisan Mastro Moda plays a fundamental role among the fashion companies of Campania.

Mastro Moda: Positano trademark

Mastro Moda is the maximum expression of Positano and its fashion in Italy. At the base of the brother’s philosophy, who gave birth to the Mastro Moda brand, there is the will to bring out specific values, first of all the values ​​of craftsmanship.

In addition to continuing the great values ​​of Positano  fashion  craftsmanship, the other characteristics that form part of the philosophy of Mastro Moda are the strong sentiment that focuses on the quality of the garments and on the dedication and sophistication of the clothes.

The work conducted by the fashion house in Italy Mastro Moda begins with the aspiration and the strong desire to embody Positano fashion and become ambassador of the same. After several years, it can be said that the dream has come true.

Today, in fact, Mastro Moda is the trademark of Positano and a firm leader among the fashion companies of Campania. This is because at the base there has been, and there is still, careful research and care for an artisan product, in which a perfect elegant, innovative and youthful style coexist.

Mastro Moda craftsmanship: a union of tradition and modernity

The concept of artisans that Mastro Moda expresses is that which sees a perfect union, between the rediscovery of Positano’s noble tradition of  the textile world with the specific needs of modern times.

The brothers at the head of Mastro Moda define themselves as the four musketeers of Positano fashion craftsmanship. This way of defining themselves speaks volumes about the intentions that are at the base of the brand:  the mission of making the fashion crafts of Positano wellknown.

For this reason, conscious of the high value of the history of  the fashion of their land, they are committed every day to keeping alive the passion and the ardour by creating unique garments.

Innovation and tradition in a single brand

Mastro Moda is the perfect combination of ancient traditional values with the best innovations recently discovered in this particular sector. The brand has, in fact, been recognized as being attached to traditions but also has a curious enthusiasm for stylistic novelties and fabrics.

All this is manifested thanks to the refined designs and combinations of different materials, elements that focus on the will and the desire of always proposing  exclusive garments.

All this is possible because the fashion company from Campania boasts years of hard work and dedication. It was born, in fact, during the eighties after a long professional training at the ancient laboratories of Positano, from which it gained, along with a sense of craftsmanship, also the Mediterranean philosophy of which it is spokesperson.

For all those looking for unique, quality, and 100% original products in Positano, Mastro Moda is a guarantee.



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