Neapolitan Pasta and beans

Now that temperatures are dropping, a healthy way to get away from the frosty cold is also to cook traditional winter dishes. One of the most prepared Italian recipes for keeping warm is Neapolitan pasta and beans, as well as an excellent example of cuisine made in Italy. Let’s find out together how to prepare this great dish, but first a few curiosities

Pasta and Beans: A dish of the Parthenopean tradition

 It is well known: that in Naples traditions are still very strong, and in particular this is true when it comes to cooking. Many popular dishes in the Parthenopean city are nothing more than old recipes prepared by elderly ladies in the alleyways of the city.

Neapolitan pasta and beans are just one of these and it will not be difficult to smell it coming from the kitchen of some homes in the historic center. We are talking about a simple dish, which most probably originates within a peasant family that used it to restore themselves, enjoying a full meal.

There are numerous recipes on how to cook true Neapolitan pasta and beans, but almost all refer to cooking it in a terracotta pot. Could this be the secret of success?

Let’s take a look at the preparation phases

First you have to let the beans  soak for at least one night, then boil them the next morning. After doing this you will have to take a pan and fry a clove of garlic and celery in plenty of olive oil.

As soon as the garlic is golden, you can remove it from the pan and add the chilli, the pulp and the tomato concentrate diluted in a little water. Let it cook for ten minutes and add salt and pepper.

Now that the beans are cooked, pass through a vegetable mouli and add them to the pan, cooking them for another 20 minutes. If you want, you can also add whole beans and a little baking water to give it extra flavor.

Now it’s the time for the pasta. Tradition wants the pasta and Neapolitan beans to be made with mixed pasta cooked al dente. After cooking, let it rest for 5 minutes to thicken the broth.

Serve hot.

Why is it considered a poor but complete dish?

Now that you know the steps to recreate the real pasta and Neapolitan beans in your home, are you curious to know some more about it? For example: Do you know why this dish was often on the farmer’s table? The answer is in the high protein value of the beans, which, despite being so-called poor veggies, actually have a very high nutritional value.

  • If you add pasta, it becomes a complete dish rich in:
  • proteins
  • iron and
  • fibers.

Should you use a particular variety of beans?

The best choice is to use fresh produce. However, dry beans can also be used. Also, if you do not have time to soak the beans for a whole night, you can buy the ones already cooked sold in a jar.

Which are other dishes of Neopolitan tradition?

If you happen to go to Naples, in addition to pizza and the sfogliatelle, ricce or frolle, you must definitely try the “cuoppo”. It is a series of fries served inside a paper cone and is known as one of the top culinary delights of street food.

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