Explora, the children’s museum in Rome

Among the things to see in Rome, Explora – Children’s Museum has been a must since 2001, if you are in the company of small children. The museum, born to encourage and support the natural desire to learn which all children have, combines fun with experience and knowledge. A unique experience that also involves their accompanying parents or teachers.

An entertainment venue for the younger ones

The museum’s passwords are cultural interaction, cooperation, respect for the environment, which activate an extremely creative environment, offering educational workshops for families and schools, and training for teachers.

The Structure

Placed in the former Borghetto Flaminio train depo, Explora is part of Ecsite, the European Network of Science Museums, and Hands On!, the international one that brings together children’s museums around the world. It is made up by:

  • an exhibition pavilion
  • a kitchen dedicated to food education
  • a large green area with games
  • a library
  • a restaurant and
  • a bar.

The various projects and routes

The activity promoted by Explora is also vast, and translates into, European and international projects, thanks also to partnerships with public or private institutions in Italy or abroad. A big incentive for those who do not know what to see in Rome!

Inside the Children’s Museum there are many thematic areas and educational paths Starting from the interactive Sustainable Fishing Path, through  to Tactile, then you are involved with Firefighters are arriving, wearing a real helmet and driving an authentic fire truck.

Economiamo, instead is the path where children are taught to learn to earn and save, to donate and to invest. One way of approaching the little ones to the basic concepts of economy with an innovative and fun formula. Designed by the Museum in collaboration with the Foundation for Financial Education and various banking operators, the route is dedicated to children between 6 and 11 years, with 10 interactive sites.

Among them, the Search location, a virtual journey into the glamorous and complex world of microbiology, the discovery of good bacteria and bad bacteria. Coding, devoted to new digital technologies, invites the small visitor to become a junior computer programmer, creating and discovering at the same time what is at the core of programming language. Lastly, Logistics introduces to the world of goods handling, experiencing directly how to deliver parcels, and discover concepts such as reliability, speed and punctuality.

And it’s not over here! There are other activities among which, a garage, a car park and  clean energy learning, and then those dedicated to Sport, where you learn to train your body through the discipline of rowing, Music – where learn how to play the first notes – and free time, for a table football game.

All of these elements make Explora of Rome a fascinating and involving place for those looking for a place to visit in Italy … Here the fun, unique and unforgettable experience combines wisely with content and information that is easily accessible and accepted by the young audience.

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