It’s Italian, the world’s smallest restaurant, “Just for two”

A single table to accommodate only two people: “Just for two”, the smallest restaurant in the world, is located in Vacone, a small village in the province of Rieti. His name says it all: it is a super romantic place where are welcomed only two people at a time, to which all the attention of the internal staff is dedicated.

The couple does not have to wait for their turn or line up: just have booked to enjoy an atmosphere as magical as romantic privacy. Not surprisingly, is where the best love dinners of the planet are celebrated!

Solo Per due

A lovely place to celebrate love

As soon as you cross the entrance gate you are greeted by a majestic garden, characterized by species of palm trees imported from all over the world. The surrounding area is , the enchanting panorama which, especially during the summer, offers a breathtaking view over the valley covered with olive trees and vineyards. The scent of strawberry grapes is unmistakable and reveals a really suggestive background.

A typical dinner for two

After being welcomed in this enchanting place, lovers are made to sit at the Tavolo: the lights go down and the candlesticks light up, just not to waste time and immediately create an intimate and soft atmosphere. The couple is not disturbed until they decide to ring the silver bell to make the waiter come.


The menu offers only typical Italian dishes, made with fresh and genuine ingredients selected daily according to both the season and the time of year. As a result, even the accompanying wines are specially chosen from the best wineries in Italy.

Usually, to book a table from “Only for two” are those couples who, even today, can get excited: and the menu is designed to feed these emotions, delighting the palate, stimulating the sense of smell and “exploiting” the power of excellent quality food to make a similar experience unique and unforgettable.

The story

The restaurant “Only for two” was born in the last century on the vestiges of an ancient Roman villa, with a majestic and suggestive appearance. As reported by Carlo Bartolomeo Piazza, the structure was nothing more than the country house that Mecenate donated to the Latin poet Orazio, information that makes the place even more intriguing and fascinating.

Although centuries have passed since its construction, inside the villa it is still possible to admire the mosaic floors, the cryptoporticus and la Fonte Bandusia, located near the ancient ruins, to which Horace dedicated one of his most famous poems.

Solo Per due

Later, due to the end of the Roman Empire, the invasion of the Lombards (and not only) and the dark period of the Middle Ages, the monument fell into disrepair to the point of being completely forgotten. We will have to wait until 1983 to see him rise, in all his majesty.

Given its winding history, the villa could not but turn into a place entirely dedicated to the celebration of the love dinner par excellence: a single table, two armchairs, candlesticks, silverware, a fireplace and a fairy-tale garden are the characteristic and essential elements for , a truly unique experience, which is the background of an unspoiled landscape full of mysteries.

Not only dinner: extra services

“Only for two” is an attraction, as already pointed out, worldwide; consequently, are many couples who come from far away and who, once in Rome and then in Rieti, need to stay on site.

Fortunately, the area is full of hotels, B & B, apartments and holiday homes for every need; just contact the restaurant and expose your needs to receive useful tips to find the best possible solution.

In addition, the structure allows visitors to make the experience of dinner even more magical for two: custom fireworks, floral decorations or car service with driver (the latter directly connected to all airports and hotels in Rome) are just some of the extra services made available to couples in love!

Solo Per due

How to book

The restaurant “Only for two” is open all year and you can book both for lunch, for dinner, even well in advance. The important thing is to give confirmation within 7 days before the scheduled date, taking advantage of it to customize the event with the choice of menu, dessert, wine, background music, any flowers and arrival time.

The cost of the dinner is 500 euro, which includes all the details agreed upon at the confirmation stage. The price does not include champagne, particularly fine wines and personalized floral arrangements.

The bracket responds during the afternoon to the following telephone numbers: 0746-676873 and 345-3205057.

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