September, time of harvest

September, the month of transition between summer and autumn, is the favorite period for lovers and wine lovers because it means one thing: vendemmia!
The vintage is a moment of great importance to which numerous events are dedicated throughout Italy.

What is the harvest?

It seems a simple question and yet, often, there is an approach to the world of wine that does not involve knowledge of its creation process. Instead, it is really important to know what is behind a glass of good wine.

The vendemmia is the moment when the fruits of a long work are collected, not only metaphorically: the grapes cultivated with care all year round in the vineyards, is collected and transferred to the cellar to start the wine making process that will transform the must into wine, thanks to the process of alcoholic fermentation of the sugars contained in ripe grapes.

The vendemmia is a very popular period in all the Italian regions that organize events and initiatives to share this “ritual”.

Acetaia del Cristo

Open Cellars in Harvest 2022

One of the most popular events in Italy involving different regions. wineries that will participate in the event are well 650 scattered in the various Italian regions. An initiative that exists since 1993, organized by “Movimento Turismo del Vino”, a non-profit organization that created this event with the aim of promoting the culture of wine through visits to places of production. Open Wineries in Harvest will take place in the various wineries starting from the second half of September.

Open Vineyards 2022: an experience not to be missed

A young initiative, which this year is in its second edition, also organized by Movimento Turismo del Vino. The event wants to change the approach to the world of wine that seems, usually, pretty superficial; the goal of the non-profit organization is to make people passionate about everything about wine.

From work in the vineyards, to the selection of grapes, to the harvest and the production process itself. To participate in Open Vineyards is mandatory reservation according to the region chosen: to participate will be Umbria, Tuscany, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Veneto and Calabria.

Quotidiano Nazionale

Open cellars in San Martino

The vendemmia has produced its results and now for the new wine it is time to enter the winery: at San Martino a great party begins! From 5 to 13 November, for enthusiasts and curious, you can live a unique experience. Get to know the work in the fields and then in the cellar, live great emotions in the company of experts and wine lovers and participate in guided tastings, visits in the cellar, walks in the vineyard and much more.

Perugia Today

Wineries open at Christmas

If for business reasons or for any other reason you are unable to participate in the events most loved by wine lovers , during the period of vintage, do not despair: the wineries are also open at Christmas! In fact, the event Cantine Aperte a Natale lasts throughout the month of December: the perfect mix between the magic of Christmas lights and the enchanting scents of good wine.

Cantine Aperte a Natale is an event that attracts many wine tourists visiting the hundreds of Italian wineries participating in the event. The cellars are transformed and wear their festive clothes becoming magical Christmas markets in which to participate in guided tastings, taste typical Christmas sweets and buy really original gifts for your loved ones.

Soste di Gusto

Being an initiative that takes place in the month of Christmas, there are many activities dedicated to children so as to make families with children feel welcome: creative sensory workshops, Tree fairy tales and treasure hunts are just some of the activities designed for the little ones. The event is scheduled for December 2022 but the details of the program have not yet been published: they will certainly be available online in the coming weeks, on the official website of Movimento Turismo del Vino.

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