Winter on the Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is one of the indisputable beauties of Italy and offers so much to do and admire for a perfect holiday, even out of season.

Indeed, organize a holiday in the Amalfi Coast outside the high season that, from May to October, will allow you to visit it calmly away from the chaos of summer holidays.

It’s another way to enjoy the atmosphere, another way to explore all the places that make this area truly unique.

Let’s see, below, the places that you should definitely visit during your holiday in the Amalfi Coast.


Discover the unmissable places on the Amalfi Coast

It was recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1997 and is famous worldwide for its extraordinary natural beauty: the Amalfi Coast has so much to offer to those who have the opportunity to visit it, like those we could define his jewels, his pearls: Amalfi, Sorrento, Positano and Vietri sul Mare.


The city from which the Amalfi Coast takes its name, its geographical and historical core. Amalfi is perhaps the most popular destination on the coast, throughout the year and by tourists from all over the world.

Its naturalistic beauties have enchanted the man since the most distant times so much that, in 1877, the Italian poet and writer Renato Fucini (also known as Rano Tanfucio, anagram of his name) described it with unforgettable words.

“The day of judgment for the Amalfitani who will go to heaven will be a day like any other”: a famous phrase found in his diary, written together with the following of his journey through the Amalfi Coast.


Amalfi is not only natural beauty: crystal blue sea and wonderful paths, ideal for hiking, are just a part of what you can do and admire in this city that is also rich in artistic beauty, including some that will leave you speechless.

First of all the Rione Vagliendola, the historic center of Amalfi, well preserved and truly iconic. Here you can also see the “case turrite”, the old houses of the aristocrats who lived in Amalfi. A must see is also the Duomo di Amalfi, which dominates the square.

Finally, in addition to the typical food (and delicious!) of the area, in Amalfi you can taste all the products based on the local lemons that here have an intense scent and an inimitable flavor.


Known as the land of colors but also of mermaids, Sorrento is a mix of history, art, architecture and authentic flavors. It is impossible to miss the opportunity to visit the Villa Comunale which boasts an enchanting view.

And as for the period out of season, do not worry: Sorrento is really very lively even at Christmas with events, lights and theater performances. Indeed, at this time of year, Sorrento becomes even more beautiful because its beauty is added a touch of magic.


Let us now turn to the local cuisine. In fact, here you can taste the real gnocchi alla sorrentina: although they are famous all over the world, it is only in Sorrento that you can eat the original. And, maybe, end your lunch with the local limoncello based on the famous lemons of Sorrento (although we suggest you buy a few bottles to take with you back home or to give to your loved ones!).

Positano and its paths

Positano boasts a postcard landscape among picturesque alleys and small shops arranged along the staircases leading to the blue sea: it is so beautiful that it seems painted! But, above all, it is a paradise for trekking lovers thanks to some paths that wind around the Amalfi Coast.

Path of the Lovers

In Positano you can enjoy three magnificent experiences, ideal for lovers of long walks or trekking. The first is dedicated to love: it is the Path of Lovers, a path that proceeds at high altitude for about five hundred meters. The beginning of the walk is marked by a bronze statue, depicting two lovers and the views that it offers are truly breathtaking.


Path of the Gods

It is a 9 km long nature trail that crosses the Amalfi Coast: it starts from Agerola and ends in Positano and lasts about 7 hours. You can find all the useful information on the Path of the Gods by visiting the official website.


Vietri sul Mare

An explosion of colors between houses, alleys and shops that look like works of art. Vietri sul Mare, like all the other beauties of the Amalfi Coast, is fascinating and unmistakable in the eyes of those who have the pleasure of visiting it. It is known as the “first pearl of the coast” by virtue of its geographical position and visiting it on foot walking through its alleys will be a succession of emotions.

Vietri sul Mare is famous for its beautiful ceramics that we recommend to buy for you or to make beautiful gifts.


The Vietri ceramics is unique in its kind and is not produced with prints or silkscreens but strictly hand painted and, often, also shows small imperfections, typical of craftsmanship, which make each piece even more unique.

A winter holiday on the Amalfi Coast

It is now clear: visiting the Amalfi Coast is always a great idea! And if you do not like to travel in high season, among many other tourists or if you are not particularly fond of warm temperatures, the low season is the ideal time for you, during which you can appreciate all the wonders of the Amalfi Coast.

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