Transiberian of Italy, the panoramic historical train

The Transiberiana d’Italia, also known as the Ferrovia dei Parchi, is a famous railway that winds between Abruzzo and Molise and offers a fascinating journey made of wonderful views of historic villages, mountains and natural areas.

It is a path at high altitude on the Majella and up to the Major Highlands of Abruzzo of almost 1300 meters high, which winds along snowy stretches and then descend downstream of the river Sangro and enter the spectacular territory of Molise between valleys, paths and mountain villages.


You may not know that his name derives from a curious fact: in 1980 the journalist Luciano Zeppegno, returning from a train journey through Asia, In a newspaper article he compared the winter landscape of the Abruzzo Greater Highlands to that of the Siberian steppe. And from that moment on, the Parco Railway became famous as the Transiberian of Italy.

But let’s find out, below, some more details about this journey back in time in the snowy landscape of central Italy.

The journey on the historical train through the Transiberiana of Italy

Venturing on this journey means having the opportunity to make an excursion between Abruzzo and Molise and admire National Parks and Nature Reserves, passing through towns and small villages full of history.

In fact, the Italian Trans-Siberian Railway connects Sulmona to Isernia and is one of the most loved railway routes by Italians but also by tourists who come from all over to make this unique experience. Among its stages, in addition to departure and arrival, there are also some of the most beautiful places in Abruzzo, such as: Campo di Giove – Majella, Roccaraso and Castel di Sangro.


The means of transport on which you will embark on this journey is a historic convoy with carriages “Centoporte” and “Corbellini” built between 1920 and 1930 and pulled by a Diesel locomotive, perfectly restored with wooden seats that will allow you to savor the atmosphere of a distant time.

On board the train, during the journey, there are also guides who tell the history of the railway and the characteristics of the surrounding area, with the background of popular music that completes the atmosphere and reaches all the carriages.

Transiberian of Italy: the plan of the Foundation of the Railroads of the State

An area so rich in natural beauty, villages whose walls tell ancient stories and breathtaking landscapes definitely deserves to be appreciated at best. And the most suitable means of transport is certainly not the car.

This thought acted as a driving force for the creation of the program of the Italian State Railways Foundation that was dedicated to a project called “Binari Senza Tempo”. The project protects ten Italian railway lines, including the Italian Trans-Siberian Railway, which, thanks to the commitment of the Foundation, have become real museums to travel along ancient historic convoys.

The project aims to enhance and promote some areas of Italy rich in beauty that the whole world envies us and wants to admire, at least once in a lifetime.


The Transiberian of Italy and the Christmas markets

Every year you can take the Transiberiana d’Italia during Christmas (November, December and early January) to visit the magical Christmas markets of Abruzzo. There are also packages that include both the trip and the overnight stay but you can find all the information you need to organize your Christmas trip on the official website of the railway line.

In general, the price for adults is 40 euros (50 euros in case you want to travel in first class), for children from 4 to 12 years is 30 euros and, for children from 0 to 4 years, the ticket is free (although these will not have a reserved seat).

Now you just have to organize your trip along the Trans-Siberian Railway in Italy to admire unforgettable landscapes and, perhaps, to visit some of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Italy!

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