Val d’Ossola, immersion in the most unspoilt nature

A wild place, far from mass tourism and considered one of the most beautiful places in Piedmont: the Ossola Valley is the perfect place for lovers of mountains, hiking and trekking and, more generally, wild nature.

The area, in addition to the incredible natural landscape, also offers the opportunity to visit charming villages and villages.

But let’s go step by step and discover together everything you can do during a holiday in Val d’Ossola.


Nature Parks in Val d’Ossola

In Val d’Ossola you can organize adventurous excursions in four different nature parks: let’s find out what they are.

Natural Park of Alta Valle Antrona

The first park we will talk about is a wonderful regional park established in 2009. It is a charming and unspoilt area despite the presence of ancient abandoned mines. It is the ideal place for lovers of trekking.

Special Nature Reserve of Sacro Monte Calvario

The reserve includes Mount Mattarella, which dominates the town of Domodossola. Its name comes from its history: in fact it is said that, in 1656, two friars hosted right here the Sacred Mount Calvary, building twelve chapels representing the stations of the Holy Cross, plus three chapels symbolizing the Deposition, the Holy Sepulchre and the Resurrection.

The path that climbs the mountain from bottom to top will accompany you to discover this unique reserve and, arrived at the highest point, you will have the opportunity to enjoy an exciting panoramic view!


Val Grande National Park

The Val Grande National Park in Val d’Ossola was established with the aim of protecting the largest wilderness in the entire Alps (15 thousand hectares). In this park you can meet wild animals that live right here in the Alps, such as ibex, deer, wolves and chamois.


Natural Park of Alpe Veglia and Alpe Devero

Last but certainly not for beauty or importance, this park includes two alpine basins, symbol of the geological history of the region. A park where you can make long excursions to admire the flora typical of the area in all its beauty.


The most beautiful villages of the Ossola Valley: Domodossola, Vogogna and Santa Maria Maggiore

As we wrote in the first lines of this article, the Ossola Valley also offers the opportunity to visit the historic villages of which, we are sure, you will love.


A small and wonderful medieval village in Val d’Ossola whose historic center symbolizes an ancient past. The village is located in the center of the Ossola Valley and is surrounded by greenery, nestled in the mountains of the Val Grande National Park, about 225 meters high.

Vogogna has earned its place in the ranking of the most beautiful villages in Italy and in 2011 received the orange flag from the Italian Touring Club.



More than a village, Domodossola is a real town and is really very beautiful. It lies in the valley floor of the river Toce, is dominated by Mount Mattarella and is very close to the Nature Reserve of Sacred Mount Calvary that UNESCO has recognized as a World Heritage Site.

Domodossola is full of life, it is an energetic town thanks to the dozens of shops and shops that fill its streets and make it an ideal destination for shopping. And, speaking of shopping, the city is renowned for its Saturday city market that has existed for a long time and is now a local tradition.


Santa Maria Maggiore

The village of Santa Maria Maggiore appears incredibly intact in its architecture and is located in Valle Vigezzo, also known as Valle dei Pittori.

Walking through the alleys of the village and admiring its shops is just one of the things you can do here but there is a visit, in particular, that you can not miss: we are talking about the three museums of the village, among the most famous of the entire Ossola Valley: the School of Fine Arts “Rossetti Valentini”, the Chimney Sweep Museum and The House of Perfume Feminis-Farina. We guarantee that visiting them will be a truly unique experience!


The Ossola Valley is this but also much, much more: here you can go trekking and hiking, reconnect with nature and with yourself, take a journey into the past through the streets and alleys of the magnificent ancient villages. In short, here is really everything you need for an unforgettable holiday!

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