Nutella, The most Delicious Spread in the World

If Italy is called the “Belpaese, the reasons are surely short of few: history, culture, cuisine, fashion, film, art, great personalities and ideals. This has characterized the country since ancient times, and thanks to these qualities, many manufacturing, homemade and craft businesses have consolidated over the centuries, and in recent decades, have taken leading roles in their sector worldwide.

Speaking of international success, there’s no doubt that Nutella is absolutely one of the most famous Italian brands in the world. This hazelnut cream made with cocoa and hazelnut that is literally irresistible, has won over the palettes of foodies from all around the world, and today most people from The United States to Japan have tried this divine delicacy at least once, an accomplishment of a brand whose story deserves to be told. It all began after the end of the Second World War, when in 1946 a confectioner Pietro Ferrero from Piedmont, had the idea of creating a sweet pastry with nuts, sugar and cocoa (an element that was scarcely available at the time). He gives it the shape of a block, making it easy to cut and serve on a slice of bread, and calls it Giandujot, named after a famous the Turin carnival mask. In 1951 Giandujot was processed and renamed Supercrema, but the real name of the world’s most famous spread dates to 1964, when Michaele, Pietr’s son, reworked the Supercrema product finally achieving today’s (very secret) recipe of delicious creamy goodness, which was then renamed to the name we know today: Nutella.

The following year the legendary glass jar with a unique design was established, made to be recycled back into the house as a water glass or container. Meanwhile, Nutella also arrived to Germany, where it had resounding success. In 1965 it was time for the conquest of France, and soon after the consumption of this product Made in Italy spread all across the continent. In just a few years its success became a global phenomenon, thanks to the exceptional taste of the product, attractive design of the container and of course thanks to the enlightened management of the company on the part of the Ferrero family.

The company has always been extremely attentive to environmental issues, so much so that the Ferrero’s are always at the forefront in regards to the fight against deforestation linked to the use of palm oil, and for years almost alone in this effort on the world scene, have always wanted to make its traceability known. It is also common knowledge that since the beginnings of the company, the Ferrero family has always built its business based on values of sharing, sustainability, transparency, and above all awareness that the real wealth is only that which is redistributed to generate a collective well-being. A company where the word “ethics” still has a strong meaning, detached from the capitalist market logic and to prove it, not with words but with deeds, carrying on an immense business still following the values of simplicity and empathy almost anachronistically. On the other hand, what the world would be without Nutella?

Soft and smooth, delicate and seductive. Give yourself a divine cuddle, a sweet trip on our IT5 of the week.
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