10 Wines You Can’t Miss at Vinitaly 2016


Four days of grandiose events, reviews, tastings and workshops targeted at meeting the wine cellars on display, together with other people in the field and a rich program full of events that go deep into detail on topics related to the wine culture in Italy, Europe and the rest of the world. We are talking about Vinitaly, the well-known wine manifestation that has taken place every year since 1967 in Verina, where all of the best producers of the Belpaese are grouped in one place along with others from over 140 countries.

The fiftieth edition of the event has just concluded, and this year has been more international than ever with more than 55,000 professionals from all over the world who were able to fully enjoy the finest and most beloved local wines. We at Italian Traditions we went to see the quality of the products on display for ourselves, and we have selected 10 of the best wines that Italy has to offer. Whether your are an expert sommelier or simply just a wine lover, discover these unique excellences with us:

Metodo Classico Pinot Nero Brut 64

The Oltrepò is almost taboo among experts after the well-known scandals last year. However, there are still cellars of the highest level that proudly hold up the flag of this historic wine. Among these surely Calatroni that churns out a masterful version of this really lovely sparkling wine.

Nekaj 2011

An orange original and intriguing wine made from a great (in every sense) Friulian winemaker, Damijan Podversic. Fragrant, tasty, and very long, it is certainly one of the surprises of this year.

Lambrusco di Sorbara Rimosso 2014

Delicate and light, this Lambrusco is without a doubt the most refreshing of the wines this year. Produced by Cristian Bellei, an absolute master of this type. It deserves a special mention among the many wines Made in Italy because of its delicacy.

Gavi Vigna della Rovere Verde Riserva 2014

A Gavi, a type of white wine that’s been forgotten in Italy and pretty much all of it is exported, yet it deserves to be rediscovered and reconsidered. Fresh, savory, sour and savory, this is definitely a Piedmontese white wine capable of surprising, the unexpected.

Chianti Cl. Vigna Istine 2013

This little organic cellar immersed in Chianti is always talked about more and more, thanks also to the talent of Angela Fronts, which along with a capable business staff makes typical local reds, flawless Sangiovese thoroughbred that’s is as delicious as this unmistakable Chianti flavor.

Nobile di Montepulciano Il Nocio dei Boscarelli 2011

When talking about Nobile, for the experts this winery is among the first that come to mind. It has an impressive collection of great wines that this company has managed to offer over the years, of which this is just the latest refined treasure. Classical and pure.

Barolo Lazzairasco 2011

Barolo is universally regarded as one of the best wines in the world, and in particular that which has great character, aroma, and especially territorial grip. In addition, the price remains quite reasonable.

Solo Rosso 2014

Peter Topi is a great winemaker, friendly and affable, but perhaps not as well known as it deserves. We really liked the wines, and specifically this red, a rare case of Sangiovese produced in the land of Montepulciano. A must to discover.

Cenereto 2014

Paolo Trappolini in a few years has managed to transform this family business, making it grow with knowledge and adopting a sustainable wine culture. To prove it, it has produced excellent wines, like this blend of fruity yet spicy Sangiovese and Montepulciano.

Ante Etna Bianco 2014

Only 5% of the planted area of ​​Etna is dedicated to whites: a very sad deal one might say, but if you taste wines like this one, your judgment is bound to change. Ante is a wine with fresh acidity, supported by intriguing citrus and complex spicy tones: all the  flavors of the historical vines of Europe’s largest volcano.

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