Perugina Historic Museum, a symbol of Italy

It was back in November of 1907 when Francesco Andreani, Leone Ascoli, Francesco Buitoni and Annibale Spagnoli (husband of designer Luisa), founded with Perugina. It was initially a small company dedicated to the production of confetti (candy coated almonds), but destined to take on international significance.

Already during the time of the first world war, in the summer of 1915, the transition from small business to large industry was evident. The product range was extended and apart from confetti other types of candy were added to the production, including chocolate and cocoa powder. At this point, the company moved into the new factory in Fontivegge, equipped with the most modern machinery. After some time its clientele widened and the company increased the number of retail shops and improved the effectiveness in both the marketing and communication sectors. In subsequent years, the brand gave birth to the famous Bacio Perugina a real confectionery institution of the Belpaese (the Italian version of kisses), which were also the first boxes of chocolates that were ready-made. They created an extremely successful sweepstake via the radio, managing to reinvent themselves and adapt to the changing times, remaining true to the values which have shaped and accompanied the brand through its journey of success. After endless successes in almost a century of business, in 1997 Perugina decided to open a museum, Casa del Cioccolato Perugina to share the vast Historical Archive Buitoni-Perugina with the public under the guardianship of the Superintendence of Cultural heritage.

With around 60,000 visitors every year, the Perugina Historical Museum is the second most visited museum of an enterprise in Italy, offering a complete tour experience and that with passion reconstructs the effort and creativity that has characterize the brand for more than 100 years. An exciting journey about an hour long, starting from the Historical Museum and through images, videos, curiosities and rarities from the past history of the brand. Visitors can learn how the founding company of Italian chocolate works -from the origins of the raw material to the processing techniques developed, arriving to a final tempting tasting.

The visit continues inside the factory (if compatible with the production cycle) and fortunately for those with a sweet tooth it ends at the Perugina Chocolate School, where you can create your own delicious chocolates. A delicious and fun way to appreciate one of the many Italian excellences, another example of craftsmanship Made in Italy of the highest level of quality. Values to be really appreciated and irresistible delicacies to be tasted that Perugina has given to Italians and the world for over a century.

Soft and smooth, delicate and seductive. Give yourself a divine cuddle, a sweet trip on our IT5 of the week.
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