The Valley of the Mills in Sorrento: everything you need to know

Il Vallone dei Mulini, which takes its name from an ancient mill for grinding wheat that overlooks it, is the only one left of the three valleys that once made up the beautiful Sorrento. It is located in the city center and it is very easy to visit: the view from above, from the open space through a small gate near Piazza Sant’Antonio, is really fascinating, suggestive to the point of being one of the most posted on Instagram and typically on social networks. The Sorrento coast is also well connected with all the most beautiful places in Campania, including Naples and Salerno or the nearby Vesuvius.

Il Vallone dei Mulini in Sorrento: everything you need to know

If you are about to visit Sorrento and more in general the beautiful Campania, you should certainly not miss the Vallone dei Mulini, a valley of the Sorrento coast that originated about 35,000 years ago. What many do not know, in fact, is that the beautiful Sorrento was initially composed of three large valleys connected to each other; two of them have disappeared and have made room for modern buildings, while another (which is precisely the Vallone dei Mulini) is still open today, and was given this name because of the presence of an old mill intended for grinding wheat.

The Vallone dei Mulini: useful information

Around 1800 Sorrento was connected to the remaining part of the coast by a narrow bridge, which allowed the crossing of the valley. 1866 was a crucial year, because the institutions decided to break down the bridge and replace it with a large square. The Vallone dei Mulini was inevitably divided into two parts: on one side it led to the sea, on the other there was a small industrial district, which stopped operating in 1900 due to adverse weather conditions. Inside the Valley there is in fact a total absence of ventilation and a humidity that constantly exceeds 80% and makes the area unfit for living.

But there is more: the absence of urban “contamination” has allowed the development of various plants of extreme beauty and rarity, and the Sorrento valley has become a real tourist attraction. To reach it, simply go to the historic center of Sorrento. The Vallone is in fact in the historical center and located behind the great Piazza Tasso and is accessible through a small gate that connects the nearby Piazza Sant’Antonio with the city port. Access to the viewpoint is totally free and we suggest you bring a smartphone or a good camera: it is one of the most beautiful Italian places of all time.

The vallone dei Mulini: where to stay? What to eat?

To visit the Vallone dei Mulini it is possible to stay in Sorrento, since it is practically in the city center. We suggest you contact one of the various accommodation facilities, such as the super central Maison Lauren and Il Giardino Segreto. And if you are wondering what to eat in Sorrento, we can only suggest you try the local specialties typical of Campania. A beautiful pizza cooked in a wood oven, the excellent Neapolitan Pastiera, the famous Babà, the sfogliatelle or even the fish based first and second courses, typical of most coastal areas of the region. Some suggested restaurants are the Ghibli restaurant and the Bar Rita pastry shop.

What to see around the Vallone dei Mulini?

Visiting the Vallone dei Mulini and the beautiful Sorrento can be a good opportunity to visit the most famous places in Campania. Naples is very close, as are Salerno or the enchanting Amalfi, with its coastline. A must is, however, a nice drive or better still motorbike ride along the picturesque Sorrento coast, with stops in some places which are considered a must, such as Sant’Agnello and Vico Equense, with their beautiful churches that overlook the sea. Sorrento is very well connected to the surrounding areas via an interregional railway line.

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