What to visit in Milan: the Piccolo Teatro

This is how one of the most important cultural places of the Lombard city was born

In our country there are some places of culture that have become the symbol of the city in which they are located. One of these is the Piccolo Teatro of Milan founded in 1947. Italian Traditions will lead you on the discovery of this place that is appreciated not only by the citizens of Milan but also by spectators from all over the world. Here we will tell you about its history and present some of the most important shows that have taken place during these years of activity. Finally we will explain where it is and how to reach this theater, symbol of the Lombard capital.

Its history

The piccolo teatro of Milan raised its curtain for the first time on May 14, 1947. The place where it was located was a cinema which later, during the fascist period, became the seat of the Legione Autonoma Mobile Ettore Muti. After the end of the Second World War the municipality deliberated the transformation of this space into a theater hall. Until the ’90s the headquarters remained in via Rovello 2. Later the new theater was inaugurated. Its foundation was the work of Giorgio Strehler, Paolo Grassi and Nina Vinchi.

Today there are three halls that belong to the theater. The first is the historical one that has now been renamed the Grassi hall. The second is an experimental space called Teatro studio. The third is instead the main office that bears the name of Piccolo Teatro Strehler. Over the years, over 300 performances have been staged here. About 200 of these were directed by Giorgio Strehler.


Il teatro

Fin dalle sue origini il suoi intento è stato quello di essere un teatro per tutti con un repertorio di spettacoli di livello internazionale ma legati alla tradizione del territorio. Questo luogo è stato nel periodo della guerra mondiale destinato a prigione fascista. Qui venivano torturati i prigionieri. La sede storica abbandonata negli anni ’90 è stata ristrutturata. La nuova sede è stata fortemente voluta da Strehler che voleva espandere il teatro. Il progetto è iniziato negli anni ’70 e ha richiesto moltissimo tempo per essere concluso.

The main shows

The first play shown here was Maksim Gorky’s Lower Depths (named L’albero dei poveri in Italian). Afterwards, almost all of Strehler’s productions were staged here. These have made the history of the Piccolo Teatro of Milan and have contributed to its growth and international success. One of the shows that was the spearhead of the production of this theatrical institution is titled Arlecchino Servitore di due padroni. Another important event was the inauguration of the new headquarters. The first show here was Così fan tutte by Mozart.


Where it is and how to reach it

As previously mentioned, there are three halls that are part of the theater today. The main one is located in Largo Greppi 1 near the Castello Sforzesco. You can easily reach it by public transport getting off at the Lanza subway stop. The historical headquarters are located in via Rovello 2 near Piazza D’Uomo. It can be easily reached by metro thanks to the nearby Cordusio stop. The experimental space is located near the new headquarters of the Piccolo Teatro of Milan in via Rivoli.

Even today in Italy there are some places that have characterized the history of the culture of our country and that still today represent an important reference point also at an international level. If you want to know more about the characters that were fundamental to the history of theater, we recommend reading this article too. Now that you know all about the Piccolo Teatro of Milan all you have to do is discover the programming of the next season and go and see one of the shows.

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