Nutella in a jar: 55 years of a legend

Nutella Ferrero is one of the most famous and appreciated Italian excellencies in the world. Behind it there is a story now 55 years old, studded with a crescendo of successes and international recognitions.

The sweetest story of an Italian cream: Nutella


The story of the most famous spreadable chocolate cream began in 1946. Nutella, in fact, is the result of an intuition of a Piedmontese pastry chef Pietro Ferrero, who created a sweet paste obtained by combining hazelnuts, sugar and cocoa. Ferrero prepared a loaf, which could be cut into slices and then put on a slice of bread, and initially called it “Giandujot,” in honour of the famous carnival mask of Turin. That same year the Ferrero company was founded. Later, the “Giandujot” paste was transformed into a spreadable cream, which was called “SuperCrema,” which became the ancestor of “Nutella”.


Pietro’s son, Michele Ferrero, continued to work on the recipe created by his father, and it was he who created the first jar of a new cream spread made with hazelnuts and cocoa, which finally, in 1964 found its winning name: “Nutella”. Later he came up with the famous glass jar, which became the traditional container of this exquisite speciality confectionery.

The very Italian Nutella conquers the world

Nutella’s success was swift, and quickly conquered Germany and France in 1966, covering the whole of the European markets in a few years. Then it landed in Australia, where the first non-European production plant was inaugurated. Meanwhile, Ferrero had, in the meantime, become a holding company of international level, with its 11 active production plants located all over the world.


Nutella is today a real food legend and one of the most important record-breakers of Made in Italy products. According to estimates, more than 400,000 tonnes of Nutella have been consumed to date, in the world. It alone accounts for about 70% of the market share in the spreadable creams sector. But the records held by the Italian cream do not stop here. In fact, a curious calculation can give you a true sense of this really gigantic phenomenon: all the jars of Nutella sold worldwide in a year would cover a length 8 times that of the Great Wall of China.


While we recover from the surprise of these huge figures, we can celebrate the 55th birthday of the sweetest Italian treat there is.

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