Brachetto d’Acqui, the perfect wine for a romantic dinner

What better occasion than Valentine’s Day to enjoy a romantic dinner by candlelight with your loved one? And why not make everything even more perfect by accompanying it with an excellent Brachetto d’Acqui? I am suggesting a luxury wine with a special perfume, not very alcoholic and to be consumed in a wine or sparkling version.

Brachetto D’Acqui, origin, characteristics, curiosity

According to the first scientific studies, the Brachetto is an excellent vine that allows you to obtain basic sparkling wines. Its great peculiarity is to preserve beautiful floral aromas, in particular those of the rose, the flower of love. Are Italian wines produced in Piedmont and that, thanks to its sparkling and aromatic taste, is perfectly suited to any type of occasion, including Lovers’ Day.

I also want to tell you that the history of this wine is very old and even at the time of the Romans, right in the territory of Acqui, it produced a type considered to be aphrodisiac: the Vinum Acquense. Currently, the Brachetto d’Acqui is produced in 26 Piedmontese municipalities, divided between the territories of Alessandria and Asti and the optimal gradation for tasting it is between 8 and 12 percentages.

I grandi vini del Piemonte: Barolo e Brachetto d'Acqui

Perfect for a Valentine’s Day dinner

I managed to pique your interest and want to know more about its history? Then read on and you will also discover what are the ideal foods to match it with, maybe you will have some more ideas to start organizing a perfect dinner for the next 14 February. You will like to know that the Brachetto, now known even beyond the Italian borders, is produced from a vine from which it takes its name and is present in some areas of Piedmont.

But not only that, the bunches that give life to its particular flavor are of a beautiful blue-violet color and often covered with a layer of plum that gives off an unmistakable scent of rose. You may not believe it, but the production of this drink is quite limited, as the vines intended for its production are about a thousand.

Wine Lovers a San Valentino? Brachetto d'Acqui! - Enogallery © Digital  Atelier

Brachetto D’Acqui, how to taste it

You can taste it in two versions:

  • Wine
  • Sparkling wine

Its great quality was recognized in 1996, the year in which it received the prestigious recognition DOCG (Denomination of Controlled and Guaranteed Origin). You will certainly recognize it by its ruby or purple red color, enhanced by violet reflections and the delicate and aromatic scent that distinguishes it.

As soon as you have the opportunity to taste the Brachetto d’Acqui, you will be surprised by its sweet, delicate and soft taste, to which is mixed that touch of sparkling unsurpassed. Compared to many other types of wine produced in Italy, this has a low alcohol content for both versions.

Brachetto d’Acqui, food pairing

If your idea is to organize a romantic dinner at home, complete with flowers, candles and a bottle of Brachetto d’Acqui, here are some suggestions on the ideal foods to combine it with.

You could use it to prepare a tasty cocktail or an aperitif, to be served together with sweet or savory dishes. But my advice is to preserve them also to accompany a delicious dessert or tasty fruit salads.

What if I combined it with simple fresh strawberries? The occasion seems perfect! Sipping the Brachetto paired with baked cakes or tarts, believe me, is the ultimate, the finishing touch that will make your Valentine’s dinner unforgettable.

Best Sweet Wine from Italy Braida Brachetto d'Acqui - Braida Vini

The journey to Monferrato

A land of rolling hills, streams and incredible sunsets. You have not yet been to Monferrato? It’s time to remedy. Il Monferrato is a historical region of Piedmont, almost entirely included in the province of Alessandria and partly in that of Asti, is bordered by the courses of Tanaro, Belbo and Bormida and the course of the Po to the north.

Its rolling hills are home to ancient castles that make the landscape unforgettable. The Castle of Camino is one of the most beautiful in Italy. La Land Art  in these parts has become a habit: the poles in the vineyards become giant colored pencils, deconsecrated chapels are colored by murals of internationally renowned artists and BigBench, the giant benches, have made the rounds of the world.

Langhe, Roero e Monferrato - Fiera Internazionale del Tartufo Bianco d'Alba

The most important cities to visit in Monferrato include Alba, the beautiful “capital” of the Langhe. Ancient city of Roman origins made of large streets where you can walk, shops and craft shops to admire, palaces and churches to visit. Stop at the Duomo, the Church of San Domenico and the Church of La Maddalena, with its marble and its baroque shapes.

In the historic center, among the characteristic views, the streets, the alleys and the squares to be discovered slowly, do not miss the market, on Saturday morning, a show of unique folklore. And then prepare your palate and sense of smell and go looking for the truffle white, its intense scent and flavor will enchant you. A journey through history, art and taste.

Fiera Internazionale del Tartufo Bianco d'Alba 2021 - Welcome to Italia

Cover Image: Consorzio Tutela Brachetto d’Acqui

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