May is the month of strawberries

May in Italy : here are the main varieties of Italian strawberries

Perhaps not everybody knows that May in Italy is the month of strawberries . In fact, it is precisely in this particular period of the year that this fruit sees its natural maturation. Although nowadays it is possible to find them all year round thanks to the evolution of cultivation techniques, strawberries matured in natural sunlight are much richer in vitamin C. Italian Traditions will guide you on the discovery of the main varieties of strawberries that are grown on the Italian territory and we will also tell you about the Italian production of this sweet fruit.

The Italian strawberry production

Thanks to the improvement of production techniques, in recent years the Italian production of strawberries has shown a positive trend, particularly in the southern regions. Almost half of the entire national production in fact comes from Basilicata and from Campania, where the hectares of land dedicated to the cultivation of this early fruit have increased. The cultivations of the north and those of southern Italy differ with regard to the production system used for the cultivation of strawberries. The southern market is in fact focused on the cultivation of fresh plants and focuses on product quality. On the other hand, the north is more prone to growing strawberries by quantity.

Which are the new varieties of strawberries?

The introduction of new varieties of strawberries has favored the de-seasoning of the product, favoring also foreign exports. In Italy the consumption of strawberries is strictly linked to the spring season, while in northern Europe, the product tends to be purchased throughout the year. The availability of strawberries during the whole year therefore becomes an important factor for exports. In Italy, the cultivation of strawberries begins in the southern greenhouses in February and continues until the spring months, sometimes until September. Some growers have decided to reduce the varieties of strawberries and to focus their production on the quality of the product, which will be recognized in Italy and abroad thanks to the creation of commercial brands.

The success of the Italian strawberry: the Candonga company

By enhancing their production and focusing on a superior quality, some strawberry brands have managed to establish themselves on the market. One of these is Candonga Fragola Top Quality, producing in  Basilicata a variety of strawberries that bears the name of Sabrosa cultivar. This variety has Spanish origins but since 2004 it has also started to be marketed in Italy and today it is one of the most cultivated varieties in the Mediterranean.

In 2013 thanks to Carmela Suriano the Club Candonga was born, aimed at the enhancement and promotion of this particular variety of strawberries cultivated by a group of producers from Basilicata who follow a strict production discipline. The strawberry in question is marketed in Italy and in the world with the trademark Candonga Fragola Top Quality. The project has allowed the strawberry to become the symbol of redemption of the Italian fruit and vegetable sector as it is synonymous with quality and territoriality.

Italy has always been known and appreciated for the quality of its fruits and fortunately in recent years some productions of strawberries have evolved giving a high-quality product. However, due to consumer demand, fruit and vegetable production does not always follow the seasons, for this reason product and producers are forced to continue their greenhouse cultivation. If you want to discover other interesting Italian regional products, we recommend reading this article.

Now that you know that May is the month of strawberries in Italy, all you have to do is taste them. We recommend buying them only during the spring season: they will certainly be sweeter, red and juicy.

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