The Valentine’s Menu, ideas for a special day

And also this year came February with the Valentine’s Day, a special event to celebrate in big with a perfect Valentine’s Day menu. Every couple does not give up this particular day and therefore looks for romantic ideas to make February 14 a unique and inimitable day. What to do and which Valentine’s Day menu to choose to make the day unforgettable?

The Valentine’s Day menu: the delicacies to enjoy on the day of lovers

A Valentine’s Day menu ideal should definitely include appetizer, first, second and dessert. First of all it is good to decide whether you want to prepare the menu at home or go out. In the first case you need to think in advance about the ingredients to buy and if you prefer a menu of fish or meat and later choose recipes that are closest to your taste.

  • Among the Italian appetizers favorites there are for example sausages and typical cheeses : an idea could be a bresaola dish accompanied by flakes of parmigiano reggiano< and rucola. For those who want to get away from the tradition and try to try their hand at fish food, you can prepare chilli stuffed with tuna and breadcrumbs, an appetizer that could definitely “warm up” the evening.
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  • The first dish is fundamental for the table and in fact should be the most important dish of the evening: the choice could fall on seafood pasta, on traditional baked pasta or on more sophisticated dishes such as risotto with pomegranate, a first delicate with a red fruit, the color of love.
  • The second should be less challenging, accompanied by a good side dish that does not cover the flavor: if you are looking for a light dish you could opt for a selection of cheeses paired with chestnut honey, an irresistible combination that will make your evening unforgettable. Alternatively, there are several original recipes, such as mushroom stew, or prawns, accompanied by artichokes, pumpkin, baked potatoes or fried.
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  • A detail that should not be neglected is the wine: it must be thought for the occasion in relation to the Valentine’s Day menu and one of the best choices is a sparkling wine, for example an excellent prosecco or a Lambrusco. If the menu is based on fish instead, the ideal is to choose a white wine, aromatic and delicate to accompany shellfish and shellfish, or an excellent red wine for red meat menus, porcini and game that represents sensuality and feelings.
San Valentino con Donnafugata - Donnafugata
  • Dessert is the most important part of the Valentine’s Day menu: there are those who choose to simply eat fruit and those who instead focus on dessert. Among the best dishes according to taste there is definitely something based on Italian chocolate: sweets filled with chocolate cream, meringues with cocoa and hazelnut, the classic kisses of checkers, and much more.
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Where to dine on Valentine’s Day?

  • At home: Who said that a romantic dinner must necessarily be at the restaurant? The board for a perfect Valentine’s Day menu should be on the shades of red: the tablecloth red or white, red cloth napkins and a special centerpiece , with flowers or Italian chocolates craft arranged to form a heart, to eat before dinner or later. You can also buy themed decorations. Special attention should be paid to bicchieri,, especially if the choice for dinner falls on a sparkling wine or a wine, white or red, to accompany the dishes
San Valentino a tavola: la mise en place perfetta per una cena romantica
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  • Outside: Alternatively you can decide to enjoy a great Valentine’s Day menu in several restaurants that offer menus at a great price, or if you want to take a trip out of town look for farms with a romantic atmosphere, for example with a fireplace inside or surrounded by greenery so you can continue the day with a walk in the middle of nature. If you want to stay on the classic instead it is preferable to go out directly for dinner, in an excellent restaurant by candlelight.
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The ideal gifts for Valentine’s Day

To make the day of love special it is good to think about every detail: what to give to your better half to leave it stunned? First of all, for those who want to stay on the classic Italian flowers are definitely a great gift idea and each flower has a different meaning: for example, the lily and daisies are perfect for a newborn love, delicate and gentle that is about to bloom.

An alternative could be a bouquet of flowers with freesias, anemones and gerberas, the latter with bright colors, from orange to red that as known symbolizes love.

You will surely like to know that if the person you love is a simple and genuine person it would be perfect to give her poppies, symbolizing simplicity, or the buttercup symbolizing beauty and charm a little melancholy.


If you prefer a different gift instead of flowers, an original idea could be to buy Italian crafts: bags, wooden objects of various types, also personalized that could strike the heart of your loved one. Now that you know how to better organize your Valentine’s menu and how to make this day special, get ready to make your ideas come true!

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