On November 10th, 1902 the Bocconi University was inaugurated

The anniversary of the opening of one of the most prestigious universities in Italy

Different events have taken place over the course of history that have changed the course of things. These are remembered every year through the celebrations of their anniversaries. One of these is the one that took place in Milan on 10th November 1902. On this day the Bocconi University was inaugurated, to soon represent one of the most important educational institutions in Italy. Italian Traditions will guide you on the discovery of this university which is known today all over the world. In particular, we will present the main objectives that this prestigious university has set itself today.


Bocconi University

The Luigi Bocconi Business University is a private university located in the city of Milan. The institute specializes in teaching economic, social, legal, managerial and political sciences. One of its peculiarities is that it was the first university in Italy to offer a degree course in economics and commerce. Today more than 20 research centers are active at this university. Furthermore, numerous courses of study are recognized at international level.

Its history


On November 10th, 1902 Ferdinando Bocconi, exponent of Lombard entrepreneurship and pioneer of large-scale retail trade, founded the Bocconi University. At the base of the project, the aim to provide the city and the country with a university aimed at the formation of a qualified managerial class with the technical, administrative and cultural skills necessary for economic and social development

His idea was to create a business high school that would then be aggregated to the Polytechnic of Milan. This would have resulted in two advantages: it would have provided engineers with a solid commercial base, and at the same time, would have made available high grade accounting skills at University degree level. The school was located in Milan in via Treves, today via Statuto. In 1920 the first building was built, the one of economics and social sciences entrusted to the direction of Luigi Einaudi.

The main objectives of the university


The Bocconi University has maintained its values ​​of freedom and pluralism over the decades, recognizing them as the only one able to guarantee economic and social development. In the words of its first rector Leopoldo Sabbatini, the mission of the university is, even today, “to pursue the achievement of harmony between school and life”.

The University is present in positions of excellence in all the rankings of the European Universities, thus confirming its international character, witnessed not only by the continuous exchanges between the faculties of many countries and by the presence in research projects with national and international institutions, but by the presence of over 2,000 foreign students representing 17% of the total, and whose number is constantly growing.

Also to support this growth, the University is completing an important building complex. A campus able to provide accommodation and services to an additional 300 students, starting from next year, bringing the available places in the Institute’s residences to 2000. By 2020, other premises dedicated to services will be ready. Among them, the new headquarters of the SDA (School of Management) and sports facilities including swimming pools and gyms. All at a short distance from the University.

Also the preference that a growing number of international professors and researchers continuously give to Bocconi bears witness to the unique characteristics of a university that has always combined the technical with the humanistic component, especially today that the managerial world has recognized the importance of both these features in company management.

Bocconi University courses

Since the Bocconi University has been inaugurated, it has always proposed to its students numerous high-level degree courses. In fact, it still today offers many degree programs. There are in fact 9 different degree courses. These concern the following areas of study:

  • economy
  • management
  • finance

political science.

Furthermore, one of the peculiarities of this university is the fact that it offers courses entirely in English. They are:

  • International Economics and Management
  • International Economics and Finance
  • Economic and Social Sciences
  • Economics, Management and Computer Science
  • Economics and Management for Arts, Culture and Communication
  • World Bachelor in Business

Bocconi University also offers 5-year degree courses, ie master’s degrees.

A significant date

Some dates remain forever indelible in history as they symbolize important events. If you want to find out more about the anniversaries that are remembered every year in Italy, we suggest you read this article too.

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