The Wine Route in Franciacorta, among vineyards and castles

In the heart of Lombardy you can take a journey through history and flavors, admire ancient villages, historic buildings, lush vineyards and plains as far as the eye can see: it is not a dream, it is la Strada del Vino in Franciacorta.

The history of wine Franciacorta has its roots in a very distant past, as evidenced by some writings of Virgil and other contemporary authors. This wine has always been produced, and still today, with the same techniques that allow it to leave its flavor unchanged.

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In Lombardia

The Wine Road in Franciacorta

The Wine Road in Franciacorta is a route of about 80 kilometers, which passes through 19 municipalities of Brescia and winds at the foot of Lake Iseo. Along the way you can participate in tastings in the most famous wineries in the area, sip the infamous Franciacorta D.O.C.G. and have the opportunity to stay in some cellars that have dedicated a part of the structure to the farm.

In addition to the unique and typical tastings of the area, the Strada del Vino in Franciacorta deserves to be traveled for the great historical and natural heritage that reserves to all the lucky who have this chance. Along the way, in fact, there are many of the most beautiful castles in Italy and you can visit some breathtaking natural oasis.

Franciacorta: cosa vedere, dove mangiare e bere bene | La Cucina Italiana
La Cucina Italiana

The castles that welcomed Dante Alighieri in Franciacorta

It is said that these two unmissable castles of the Strada del Vino in Franciacorta, were chosen by Dante Alighieri for a stop during one of his pilgrimages from exile.
The Castle Lantieri dates back to 1200 and was built on a rocky high ground. Although the historic house has not been renovated in any way, it is worth taking a walk to the fortress, where you can enjoy an incredible view.

Ruderi del Castello Lantieri - Franciacorta
Consorzio Franciacorta

The Castle of Bornato, however, deserves to be admired inside and out for its frescoes, for the ruins of the ancient drawbridge, for its private chapel. It is here that the oldest winery in the area has been made a museum: a visit not to be missed.

Castello di Bornato - Brescia Tourism
Brescia Tourism

How to spend a weekend in Franciacorta

The Strada del Vino in Franciacorta is suitable for all types of itineraries: by bike or on foot, by car or by motorbike. But in addition to the tastings and the historical beauties to admire, those who choose to embark on this journey can enrich their weekend admiring great natural beauty.

Nature reserve Torbiere del Sebino

A charming nature reserve that meets during the Strada del Vino in Franciacorta, located a few meters from Lake Iseo, where you can walk and immerse yourself in the lush nature of the area, do birdwatching and take nature photographs.

Le torbiere del Sebino: la riserva naturale - Vacanze Lago Iseo
Brescia Tourism

There are three marked paths to visit this wonderful protected area even if the central path seems to be the best: it is developed largely on long wooden walkways that give the feeling of walking directly on the water. The nature reserve is flat, a feature that makes it suitable for a family walk, even with children.

Lake Iseo

Falls in the ranking of Italy’s most beautiful lakes, the Lake Iseo will be among the most significant memories of the trip along the Wine Route in Franciacorta.
Located between Brescia and Bergamo, in the middle of the lake stands Monte Isola, the largest lake island in Europe with villages and long roads that can only be walked; to reach it, you can take advantage of the boat transport.

Lago d'Iseo, corpo ritrovato a 80 metri di profondità: è ancora mistero  sull'identità - - Brescia News

Events in Franciacorta: the Festival of wineries

This year the Franciacorta Festival in the winery returns with a double appointment: September 10 and 11 and September 17 and 18. A weekend dedicated to lovers of good wine and good food, eager to spend two days discovering the flavors and aromas typical of the area and the history of Franciacorta. Guided tours in the cellar, tastings and picnics in the vineyard to discover this wonderful Lombard territory and its food and wine tradition: not to be missed.

Festival Franciacorta: due weekend dedicati al vino a settembre -  MangiaeBevi
Mangia e Bevi
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