Christ of the Abyss, the treasure of the abbey of San Fruttuoso

The heat has arrived and we can not help but think about where we will go on holiday this summer. Among the many destinations already proposed, the Liguria is certainly one of the most accredited, where in a few kilometers we can find ourselves discovering the treasure of the abbey of San Fruttuoso, the crystal clear waters of Portofino and the beautiful landscapes of the hinterland

One of the best known destinations is obviously Portofino, but of all that is inside the Park of Portofino you still know relatively little. We always think, in fact, of the colorful houses that overlook the bay and the nightlife made of luxury boats and famous people, but few really take into account everything that is located in the surrounding area.

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Camogli and the Abbey of San Fruttuoso

Camogli is a small town located in a cove of the Portofino Park, from where you can reach the perched Abbey of San Fruttuoso. If you are fond of hiking or hiking in the middle of nature, you will find here fertile ground for your passions, making your holiday even more unforgettable.

Camogli | (Italiano)

The Abbey of San Fruttuoso, in fact, can be easily reached both through the paths and by sea, with boats departing from Camogli, Genoa and other cities. The dome of the Abbey is visible from the sea, standing out in a unique panorama of its kind.

It is an Abbey founded as a Benedictine monastery but, over the centuries, has undergone several changes. From refuge and nest of pirates to home of fishermen, until then to become part of the property of the princes Doria.

It overlooks the bay, giving a truly suggestive view both to those who arrive by sea and to those who arrive by land, and is surrounded by a dense vegetation of Mediterranean vegetation. The style is typical Romanesque, white marble and slate taken from the nearby valleys.

San Fruttuoso, l'abbazia di Portofino tra cielo, mare e sogni
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The Christ of the Abyss

Just in front of the Abbey of San Fruttuoso, there is the Marine Protected Area of Portofino, a bordered area that is a real paradise for diving lovers and that conceals a secret/ em> now known by all.

A bronze statue of Jesus Christ, called Christ of the Abyss, has been placed in its waters. The statue was born from the idea of Duilio Marcante who wanted to place it in the seabed to commemorate the death of Dario Gonzatti. In August 1954, in fact, the Christ of the Abyss was placed on the bottom of the sea, in the bay in front of San Fruttuoso.

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The realization of the statue – entirely in bronze – was carried out through the fusion of medals, bells and naval elements, making it a real tribute to the sea, navigation and diving.

Diving to observe the statue, in fact, remains one of the most popular attractions of the entire Ligurian coast and attracts thousands of visitors every year diving enthusiasts. It is a relatively simple dive and the water is not too deep, being a maximum of 15 meters.

How to plan a holiday in Camogli

The first thing to take into account, in planning your holiday, is as usual what the territory has to offer. Fortunately for everyone, the Ligurian coast is one of those places where you can find everything and where the tastes of every traveller can be fully satisfied. Starting from the experiences, which can be of all kinds, from those related to nature – given the very close contact with the sea – to those related to history and culture, which very often are also included in nature trails.

Costa Ligure & Enogastronomia: Tour per visitare la Costa Ligure (8 giorni)

The second thing to think about, then, are the structures where to stay. Although the territory lends relatively little to large structures, such as family resorts, it is still possible to find facilities that meet the demands of young and old, without fear that the fun for some age groups may be missing.

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