Sardinia, the mining trail of Santa Barbara

In the beautiful Sardinia you can live one of the most exciting and unforgettable experiences, thanks to the Mining Trail of Santa Barbara. In the now famous Park Geominerario historical Environmental, in fact, there is an itinerary rich in history, culture and religion along about 500 Km.

Il Cammino Minerario di Santa Barbara - B&B Belvedere Sant'Antioco
Belvedere Sant’Antioco

Through 30 well-defined stages, hiking enthusiasts and pilgrims can discover the history of this land among the oldest in Italy, along mule tracks, paths, driveways and dirt roads.

Along the way there are the most fascinating archaeological sites, beautiful landscapes, abandoned mining structures, tunnels overlooking the rocks, deserted villages and ancient railways that disappear in the thick of the woods, which have much to tell.

Of course, you can not miss the spectacular view of the crystal clear sea to complete what promises to be one of the most beautiful paths of the Peninsula.

Santa Barbara Mining Trail: How It Was Born

Eight thousand years of history that start from the Neolithic to reach the twentieth century are enclosed in the extraordinary path dedicated to Santa Barbara, protector of miners.

In a very long time ago there was a path walked by those who worked in the mines and that connects the latter with each other and with the houses. This same itinerary has been cleaned up and has returned “to life” thanks to the Association Pozzo Sella, made up of former miners.

It was decided to unite all the paths and make them a useful resource for the economy of the territory, which leads about 5 years ago to the birth of the Foundation for the Cammino Minerario di Santa Barbara, a loop-shaped itinerary that stretches for 500 km south of Sardinia, between Sulcis, Iglesiente and Guspinese.

Il Cammino Minerario di Santa Barbara cresce nel Nord-Ovest della Sardegna  – Sulcis Iglesiente Oggi
Viaggi e Miraggi

The stages of the Santa Barbara Way

There are 30 stages of this extraordinary Way, through which to be carried away by the emotions while you meet the many archaeological sites, the old mines, the mining villages nestled among the natural wonders, churches and places of worship dedicated to Santa Barbara.

To the latter, especially the former miners and their descendants are still very devoted today and for this reason in his honor are held celebrations and processions in many countries and countryside.

A path of such interest allows you to discover the most important mining sites not only in Sardinia, but also at national and European level. Just think that the Park Geominerary of this region has been recognized by UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Parco geominerario storico ed ambientale della Sardegna - Wikipedia
Regione Sardegna

Of course, during the long walk there are breathtaking natural landscapes that distinguish the beautiful Sardinia and an incredibly blue sea, which invites you to a liberating dive.

It will certainly be a unique experience to walk among rocks, sand and earth, the elements that characterize more than half of the long route entirely marked. Everyone can try their hand at this fascinating walk, as long as they are quite accustomed to go downhill and steep climbs, albeit short.

Where to stay on the Santa Barbara Mining Trail

Given that in order to follow the Cammino Minerario di Santa Barbara you need to book, you can find accommodation in different types of structures. In addition to the typical Posadas (private houses used as inns), in fact, in this area there are agritourism, b&b and hotels.

Santa Barbara Mining Trail: the beauties of Sardinia seen from a different perspective

Experiencing this adventure also means discovering some of the most beautiful areas of Sardinia from a new perspective. Stage after stage, in fact, you will encounter unique natural and landscape wonders.

Among these, the 5 Faraglioni and the Sugar Loaf, the Waterfalls of Sa Spendula, the Woods of Mannu Mountains, the Valley of Antas with the temple dedicated to the Sardus Pater and the highest Dunes in Europe.

29/08 - Escursione in Gommone a Pan di Zucchero e Porto Flavia - Nadir  Sardinia
Sardegna Turismo

But it does not end here, because thanks to the help of expert guides you can also visit the subsoil and be enchanted by the charm of the most beautiful natural caves in the south of the region.

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