How to choose one of the best Italian wines?

Here are the best wines produced in Italy

Italy is known and appreciated all over the world for the excellent quality of its products. In particular with regard to wine. In fact, Italy is a world leader in the production of high quality wine. Italian Traditions will guide you on the discovery of the best Italian wines. Here we will analyze what the wine produced in Italy consists of and we will talk about the main producers. We will also present a ranking of the best Italian wines depending on the region of origin. Finally we will explain how to identify the best wines.

Italian wine

Italian wines are among the finest of those produced all over the world. They are characterized in particular by the DOC and DOCG brands. The acronym DOC means denomination of controlled origin. This indicates the original area of ​​the grapes harvested to make a specific wine. This is a high quality content that must meet certain production criteria. These are:

  • gradation
  • organoleptic characteristics
  • aging in cask.

These criteria are established by a ministerial decree and only the wines that respect them are entitled to mention this designation on their labels. The acronym DOCG means denomination of controlled and guaranteed origin. This mark identifies the geographical origin and is assigned only to wines of particular value.

There are also many areas of wine production in Italy. One of those considered among the most important are those of the Langhe in Piedmont and Valpolicella in Veneto. However all the regions of Italy boast exceptional wine production. There are many wines and vines appreciated abroad. Especially if we consider red wines. Tuscan wines such as Brunello di Montalcino and classic Chianti are also very interesting. But there are also other lesser known wines that are often at the top of the rankings of the best Italian wines.

The main Italian producers of fine wines


One of the most important Italian producer is the Marchesi de ‘Frescobaldi production which produces some of the best Tuscan wines. This is a Florentine family dedicated to the production of wine for over 30 generations. Through the help of a specialized team of oenologists and agronomists, the family is sure to enhance every single estate with the aim of becoming the most prestigious Tuscan producer. The beginning of this wine production took place in 1300 within the historic Castiglioni Estate in Val di Pesa, located southwest of the city of Florence.

The best Italian vines by region

Throughout Italy there are many wine productions worthy of note. Here are some of the best Italian wines. In Val d’Aosta we find two very interesting types, namely L ‘Enfer d’Arvier and the Moscato di Chambave.


As for the nearby Piedmont there are three wines of particular interest. These are: Barolo, Barbaresco and Gattinara.


Credits:La Brioska

The most important wines are: the Cinque terre and the Rossese di Dolceacqua.



Franciacorta and Valtellina are the two most famous wines of Lombardy.


Other regions of northern Italy are very interesting for the production of fine wines. In Trentino Alto Adige we find: Alto Adige, the Gewurztraminer Alto Adige and the classic Trento. In Friuli, Collio Sauvignon and Collio Ribolla Gialla like the one produced by Castel San Mauro are worthy of mention.

In Veneto, Amarone della Valpolicella and Conegliano Valdobbiadene are produced.

In Emilia Romagna the best productions are the Lambrusco di Sorbara and the Albana di Romagna.

How to identify the best Italian wines?

Such a vast production makes it difficult to choose and be able to determine which are the best Italian wines. Help can be found in the guides. In fact these are a valid support for getting to know the wines better. They allow in fact to discover the territories of origin of the wines and the different DOC productions that exist. Furthermore, it is also possible to know which vines are grown on Italian territory. Many guides today combine wines with traditional Italian dishes.

Italian wine is certainly one of the most popular products abroad. In fact there are many producers who stand out for the excellence of their wines. If you want to find out other interesting news about wine, we recommend reading this article too. Now that you know which are the best Italian wines, all you have to do is taste them.

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