Milan Music Week 2022

Milan is a lively and constantly moving city, but it will come alive with concerts, meetings and workshops about music from 21 to 27 November. Let’s find out what to expect from the Milano Music Week 2022.

The music industry meets the vivacity of Milan in the sixth edition of Milano Music Week: a week in which the city will host a series of events dedicated to music, theme workshops and concerts. To support the director


Milan Music Week 2022, the events not to be missed

The program of the Milano Music Week 2022 is packed with debates, workshops, meetings with artists and performances with free admission on reservation, free admission or admission for a fee.

17 November

Before the official start of the music week, fans can meet Tiziano Ferro and meet his new album at the Teatro Manzoni at 4.00 pm. The meeting will be moderated by Nur Al Habash.

21 November

The first day of the Milano Music Week 2022 will start at 10.00 with the opening of the offices of Tarma Off Records to aspiring professionals and budding artists and the masterclass of Sound Faktory.

At the Teatro CPM we will talk about “Music as a relationship experience” at 10.30 and “Osvaldo Lo Iacono: the language of blues between contamination and outside playing” at 14.30.

Among the debates not to be missed is “Italian radio and rap: this marriage has nothing to do?” at YellowSquare Milan at 15.30, but also the Institutional Opening Meeting at 16.30, “Return to love the concerts at 17.30, “The future of music passes (also) from podcasts” at 18.30 all’Apollo Club.


The YellowSquare Milan will host Alga and Mattia Stanga at 16.30, Sick Luke at 17.30 and Paola Zukar at 18.30.

At 17.30 there will be the exhibition of Andrea Bocelli together with his children Matteo and Virginia at the Mondadori Megastore Duomo. Then you can meet inside the store.

At 20:00 there will be the live of Giulia Penna at Ostello Bello in Milan while at 21:00 you can participate in the SISSI live at Arci Bellezza, at Venditti & De Gregori in concert at Teatro Bolarcidi, at the performance of La Rappresentante di Lista at the Fabrique, at the concert of Luché at the Mediolanum or at the show of Jack Harlow at the Alcatraz. Alternatively there will be the “Clavius” by Daniele Ledda to the Urban Cultural Sea.

22 November

The second day will begin at 10.00 with the debate “The work of Caparezza: journey between stylistic contamination and protest music” at the theater CPM.

Always at the theater CPM will be held the meeting “Rubyno Studio, the power of digital music ADV accessible to all” at 11.30,  the masterclass of Sound Technician at 14.30, the meeting “Ainè: soul/ neo contemporary soul music” at 16.30.

The Apollo Club will host various meetings focused on the changes of music (10.30-18.30), among which we remember “Music and audiovisual: the future of synchronization”; “Monetize with NFT: a viable perspective for Italian artists?” ; “Old music VS new music: for Gen Z all music is equal if it becomes viral”; “How Tik Tok is transforming music”.

In the afternoon the Yellowsquare Milan will host Nada at 16.30, Alan Sorrenti, Ceri Colombre at 17.30 and Africa Unite at 18.30.

You can choose from various live shows set at 21.00: Kid Cudi al Fabrique; JP Cooper al Circolo Magnolia; Venditti & De Gregori al Teatro Arcimboldi, Verdena all’Alcatraz, Meganoids at the Hard Rock Cafe and About meet & party – Materazi dj set at the Yellowsquare Milan.


23 November

The third day will begin at 10.00 with the debates “Linecheck Music Meeting & Festival in Exile” in the center BASE Milan or “Feeling the groove: the rhythm of electric bass and drums in black music” at the theater CPM (where we will continue with other debates).

The Apollo Club will reflect on data and analysis through various debates, among which we remember “How to monetize your creativity on social networks thanks to copyright “; “The future of the internationalization of Italian music – Analysis and perspectives”; “Da “Volare” to 2023: 50 years of music abroad”; “All Maneskin records: how to maintain global success”.

The Yellowsquare Milan will host Mogol and Cheope at 15.30, Inoki and Dj Shocca at 16.30 and Max Brigante at 17.30. Alternatively you can meet Tony Hadley at 3.30 pm, Clever Gold and Dutch Nazari at 4.30 pm and Selton at 5.30 pm in Santeria.

At 21.00 will start several concerts, among them Africa Unite at Magazzini Generali, Alex Live at Fabrique and Guest with P L Z at Ostello Bello.

24 November

November 24 will begin at 10.00 with the opening of the doors of Sugar Music or the masterclass of Sound Factory. Immediately after, the CPM will hold the debates “Gregor Ferretti: be to write” at 10.30, “Meeting with the artist: Caterina Comeglio” at 14.30 and “Mauro Durante: pizzica, taranta – How to make traditional music today” at 18.30.

The Apollo Club will host various debates focused on the business and the future of music (10.30-18.30), such as “The impact of connected tv on business models and music consumption”; “Supplementary remuneration for artists and performers: what changes?” ; “The future of live in the post Covid era and new global challenges”; “Online music: what changes with the Digital Service Act?” .

At Arci Bellezza there will be the debate “To make love begins you, sex in Italian music” with the co-curators Colapesce and Dimartino at 17.30. Then you can meet Margherita Vicario.


At the Yellowsquare Milan will debate on “Carosello records meets 232 APS: prison, community and neighborhoods, music as an opportunity for revenge” at 15.30 and will meet Celso Valli at 17.30 and Venerus at 18.30. Among the planned concerts there are Akounak Tedalat Taha Tazoughai at Cinemino at 21.00; Earthgang at Magazzini Generali at 21.00; Lost Frequencies at Fabrique at 22.00; Holy Thursday at Apollo Club at 23.00. 25 November This day promises to be intense. The Apollo Club will host the debates “Code of the show: priorities, emergencies and needs of the Live Music industry” at 11.30, “Parents in blue jeans: be fathers and mothers in the music world” at 14.30, “Festivals and sustainability: have the great Italian events learned to be green?” at 15.30, “Fight for your right (to party)” at 16.30, “Female leadership in Italian music” at 17.30 and “Il Sanremo che verrà” at 18.30. Not to be missed is also the talk “Music and art in times of war” edited by the authors of “Musica Leggerissima” at the Yellowsquare Milan at 18.30. You can meet Geneva at 16.30 and Maurizio Salvadori at 17.30 at the Yellowsquare Milan; Cristina D’Avena at 16.30 at the Mondadori megastore; Amadeus strong/> at 18.30 at the Apollo Club; Alice at 18.30 at Feltrinelli in Piazza Piemonte.


Among the live performances of the day there are Rollover at the Apollo Club at 23.00 and Joe T Vannelli & Friends at 23.59 at the Apophis Club.

26 November

On this penultimate day, the Yellowsquare Milan will host the workshop “How to get your first job in the music industry” at 11.30; the debate “How to open a record label” at 14.30; the talk “How to organize a festival from scratch” at 17.00; the workshop “How and why to deposit a song” at 6:30.

Do not miss the meeting with Francesco Guccini at the Feltrinelli in Piazza Piemonte at 17.00 and the concert Bastille Live at the Alcatraz at 20.30.


27 November

The Milano Music Week 2022 closes with various debates at Yellowsquare Milan (11.30-18.30): “From theory to practice: what does the A&R”; “From theory to practice: what does the manager”; “From theory to practice: what does the booking agent”; workshop “Money that artists don’t know they have: what are related rights?”.

You can meet again Colapesce and Dimartino at the unicredit Auditorium at 18.30 and get acquainted with Coma Cose at the Yellowsquare Milan at 19.30.

You can end the week with some live, including Elli De Mon in concert at the Hard Rock Cafe at 20.00, Julia Jacklin in concert at the Circolo Magnolia at 21.00 and Alfa Live expected at the Fabrique at 21:00.

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