Meracinque: the Female Company producing Organic Rice

In Italy there are many different family business activities. Most of them do perpetuate, for generations and locally the traditions of the past . One of the best known is the tradition of rice, whose cultivation is widely practiced particularly in northern Italy. Italian Traditions will guide you on the discovery of an interesting local reality in this sector. Here we will tell you about Meracinque an agricultural enterprise run by five young sisters from the province of Verona.

What is Meracinque?

It is a farm run by five sisters who wanted to carry on the family experience in the breeding of cattle and the cultivation of cereals and rice. Their activity was launched in January 2017. The name derives from what has always been the nickname of this family, which is marvel which means precisely wonder. In addition, the number five was added to indicate the fact that the company is made up of 5 sisters.

 History of Meracinque

The story of this company that carries on the tradition of rice cultivation began in 2017 when the second of the sisters, Benedetta, decided to leave her job as product manager for a fashion house and embark on this new adventure. Together with her four sisters, she introduced rice cultivation on the family farm using special systems. The cultivated land is in fact fertilized with the organic substance produced by the cattle receiving a type of feeding supplemented with microorganisms.

 Company organization

Each member of the family has its own specific role within the company organization. Their father, Paolo, takes care of the technical management of the crops and herds while their mother manages the administration. Benedetta, the second of the five sisters, is in charge of Business Development & Product Management. Silvia instead follows the commercial and logistics aspects of the company. All five sisters are actively engaged in the enterprise, with Margherita, the oldest, representing the company’s advisor.

 The Rice Meracinque

Meracinque - Italian Traditions

The rice produced by this family company has particular characteristics. First of all it is cultivated without using any chemicals in the fight against fungal diseases. In fact, the company uses an innovative system that allows to counter these diseases with biological methods. Another very interesting aspect of the rice is that it is matured for a year. This allows it to stabilize better. A matured rice keeps it from over cooking and contains more nutrients. Also, to preserve this product at its best, it is dried at low temperatures.

Apart from rice cultivation, the girls are actively engaged in producing and sending to markets ready-to-use packs containing selected ingredients. These allow you to get a perfect rice in just 15 minutes. It is an ideal product for those who do not have much time to cook.

There are many young companies that are emerging today in Italy. One of their peculiarities concerns the fact that they carry on a family tradition. If you want to discover other interesting companies in Italy, we recommend reading this article too. Now that you know the history of the Meracinque rice tradition, you only have to contact them below to taste the product:

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