Cervinia, The pearl of the Alps

Famous as “the most beautiful mountains in the world”, the Alps are the unique natural wealth in the world: the majestic and full of life, tehy have always fascinated and inflicted awe at anyone who approached them, and only in modern times they were colonized and turned into touristic destinations for skiers and mountain lovers from all around the world. Among the many important places to report, one in particular stands out for its importance and especially for the incredible location in the Alps.


It is Cervinia ski resort in the Aosta Valley on the border with Switzerland, and between the towns perennially the highest in Europe, with its 2050 meters above sea level. Cervinia, however, is really just the name with which is indicated by its patrons much larger mountainous area: the Breuil-Cervinia, this full name, indicates an area that stretches from the 1,524 meters of the town of Valtournanche to 3,408 meters of Plateau Rosa, nearly 4,000 meters with the Klein Matterhorn and also includes 4,478 meters of the impressive Matterhorn, the symbol of the mountain area, also known as the Matterhorn or the “perfect pyramid”, and among the tops the most important worldwide.


Breuil-Cervinia was founded more than two hundred years ago at the foot of the Matterhorn, which takes its name, in Breuil, immense pasture reachable only after hours of walking. In the 1930s buildings in the valley could be counted with the fingers of one hand, until in 1934 it was founded the Company Matterhorn and the first cable car built in 1936, an event that gave rise to the development of what currently is one of the largest districts ski of Italy and Europe.

In fact, with its more than 360 kilometers of ski runs Cervinia is able to satisfy all skiers, from beginners to experts, and  also presents many tracks of downhill skiing, cross country skiing, skycross and ski freestyle, which thanks to the eternal snows of Plateau Rosa are open all year. The stunning backdrop of the Matterhorn surrounded by the Grandes Murailles chain can offer to winter sports really unique panoramas.

Moreover, as the name of Breuil implies, which  in the Aosta Valley dialect means “Land of many waters”, the area has many lakes, streams and waterways. Not far from the center of Cervinia, rises the beautiful Blue Lake, which reflects the imposing summit. Also worth visiting Goillet Lake, a picturesque artificial lake at 2,550 meters above sea level, enclosed by a dam, used to produce hydroelectric energy and for snow-covered slopes.


In summer, in addition to mountaineering, that makes the Matterhorn a popular destination internationally, you can go trekking and hiking, as well as paragliding and mountain biking. Finally for lovers of extreme sports are available thrilling Via Ferrata and numerous walls for climbing. In short, an entire area with the priceless natural wealth, another jewel of the Belpaese to discover and appreciate.


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