Zumelle Castle, a real medieval fortress

The original nucleus of the Zumelle castle was built in the first century AD, built by the Romans to make the area more secure, located in a strategic position. 

The fortification became even more important during the barbarian invasions, but then it was abandoned and fell into disrepair. Later, according to legend, Geiseric settled here, king of the Goths who, married to the handmaid Eudosa, had twins with her, Iusprand and Geoffrey: for this reason, he would be called “castrum zumellarum“, the castle of the twins. In 1300, the castle was rebuilt by Rizzardo da Camino, lord of Belluno and Treviso, and then fell into disrepair again, until the restoration carried out in the 60s.

Visit the castle

Today, Zumelle Castle is the best-preserved fortress in the area. It preserves, in fact, the central nucleus, the system of the walls and the tower, and also the deep moat, which was dug into the rock. For the visitor, the access is represented by a road that climbs steeply towards a small courtyard, leading then to the high square tower of five floors, connected by a wooden staircase. In addition, inside the complex you can see the church of San Lorenzo, a small archaeological museum, housed in the rooms of the dungeons, and an ancient Scriptorium. 

An ideal setting for a journey into the past and to live to the full its medieval atmosphere. Near the castle, then there is the ancient church of San Donato, another beautiful example of medieval architecture, with remains of Gothic frescoes.

Also keep in mind that you can stay in the castle, thanks to the presence of three rooms furnished with rustic furniture and decorated with ancient frescoes, or enjoy the experience of glamping, sleeping in a tent or hut set up in the space in front of the fortress.

Fonte: Castello di Zumelle

Theme park

Just before entering the castle, a visit to the beautiful reconstruction of a medieval village, often animated by events and exhibitions of great charm, with historical re-enactments, music and shows is not to be missed. In the village, structured as a theme park, you can see – in the re-enactment environments – the tower house with the apothecary shop, a bedroom, the banquet hall and the kitchen.

Fonte: Castello di Zumelle

Beyond the Zumelle Castle, between nature, sport and culinary art

Starting from the Castle of Zumelle is recommended a walk, lasting about thirty minutes, which leads to the discovery of the beautiful Blue Grotto, a hidden corner in the province of Belluno, where nature gives colors that are seen only in a few corners of the Dolomites. A place no longer secret of Veneto, but still hidden and reachable after a walk between the path and the stream Rui.

Fonte: Viaggia di più

It is a small cavity of the rock where the spring water falls that gives rise to the Rui and emerald green water basins. The path is totally surrounded by nature. In addition, one of the main features of this area is to be able to practice sports anytime and anywhere. Skiing, snowboarding, but also wind surfing, paragliding, mountain biking, rafting, climbing. Those who love sports will find in the Belluno its ideal destination. Twelve months a year. 

After long climbs and sports that suck your energy, stop to taste the typical dishes of Belluno is a must. Among the first courses we remember the casunziei (half-moon ravioli stuffed with pumpkin or spinach), potato or pumpkin gnocchi with smoked ricotta, dumplings, barley soup. While in the second courses the game reigns supreme, along with polenta, another undisputed protagonist of the Dolomite cuisine

Fonte: Castello di Zumelle. 

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