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Sottomarina is part of the municipality of Chioggia, a village formed on a small group of islands in the Adriatic Sea connected to each other and the mainland, so much so as to be called “Little Venice”, where the Vena is the main canal, crossed by nine bridges. The main activity of the town is tourist and seaside, especially along the coast of Sottomarina and Isola Verde, located in the stretch of land that divides the lagoon from the sea. In Chioggia, which retains its Renaissance appearance, the fourteenth-century Porta Garibaldi and the Porta di Santa Maria, the Torre di Sant’Andrea and some beautiful churches stand out.

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Sottomarina, a hamlet of Chioggia, is a tourist resort, equipped with all types of accommodation, from hotels to campsites, and connected to Chioggia by a bridge. The beach of Sottomarina runs for about five kilometers, renowned for its fine sand, where there are active bathing establishments, restaurants, water parks and nightclubs. In the small centre, the “old” and “new” parts are distinguished.

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Green Island: a small natural paradise close to Chioggia

Isola Verde, once called “Isola del Bacucco“, extends between the mouths of the Brenta-Bacchiglione and Adige rivers, including the “Busiola” canal, and is connected to Chioggia by a bridge, which runs next to the artificial Island of the Union.

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The small village is characterized by narrow streets and irregular path, and is bordered by a large beach dotted with beaches and bars. A tourist attraction and summer entertainment is represented by the Acquaparco Idrofollie, complex that houses swimming pools and water slide systems.

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In the complex, Isola Verde is a small natural paradise where, bathing, you can go hiking along the natural paths and cycle the bike paths, or hiking in the Po Delta Natural Park, and particular at the nearby Bosco Nordio. There is also a equestrian center of international importance. The area of the mouths of the Brenta and the Adige are a beautiful natural attraction, as well as an ideal place for fishing enthusiasts.

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The kitchen chioggiotta

The cuisine and specialties of Chioggia and its hamlets are part of the rich gastronomic heritage of Veneto Adriatic, which is based essentially on fish and shellfish dishes, but also stands out for the use of meat and, also, of vegetables from the hinterland such as radicchio and pumpkin. Of great appeal are the dishes such as “granseole“, crab cooked with oil, lemon and spices, or the typical “sardele in saor“, sardines or anchovies with sauce of fried onions and vinegar, or the “strong>birbasse in cassopipa”clams cooked with onion, or the “moeche frite“, crabs in the moulting period.

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Not to be missed is also the “broeto“, prepared with fish and shellfish cooked in onion sauce, oil and vinegar. Among the first courses, the “bigoli in salsa”, pasta topped with garlic sauce, onion, parsley and anchovy fillets, the “risoto a la pescatora”, prepared with fish boiled in its own sauce. Inevitable are the “bisato in tecia”, the eel cooked in tomato sauce and white wine, “risi and vuovi”, cuttlefish eggs cooked with oil, vinegar and spices.

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Among the desserts, the traditional “sugoli“, prepared with black grape cream and flour, and the “smegiassa“, a sweet focaccia with black honey, flour, pumpkin, raisin and pine nuts, but also the “ciosota cake”, typical of Chioggia, with radicchio and carrots.

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