Revolto Valley and dinosaur footprints on Bella Lasta

An evocative ring trek in the Revolto Valley , in eastern Lessinia, among breathtaking views and important archaeological sites. Walking through the historic border territories during the Great War.

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Technical description:

Il ring path parte dal Rifugio Revolto a quota 1338 m.slm. Immediately the CAI path climbs up the steep slope of Cima Trappola, which in this point is covered by secular beeches.

Fonte: L’Arena

This trail runs along the line of what was once the border between the Kingdom of Italy and the South Tyrol of Austria-Hungary. The stones that are still along the route are suggestive evidence of the passage of soldiers, border guards and smugglers, who once walked through these woods at night carrying salt and tobacco on commission.

Fonte: L’Arena

Once at an altitude of 1500 meters, continue on an easy diagonal that develops between the mountain scree of the locality “Bella Lasta”, famous for the fossil footprints of dinosaurs (found by chance in the early nineties of 900), imprinted on the limestones that form these mountains. It’s a further proof of the sandy bottom of a tropical, shallow sea that once covered this area.

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From Bella Lasta you can quickly reach the pass of Passo Malera (1722 m.) to take a quick look at the views of Alta Lessinia and the Valle d’Illasi, and then descend to close the tour through the steep path that leads to Baito Mandrielo, interesting building used in the past by herdsmen and lumberjacks in the area. The area surrounding the hut, once a pasture, is about to be covered by a dense vegetation of mountain ash, poplars and larches.

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From the hut continue on the steep steps of the track that, returning to the bright beech wood, leads to the asphalt road at the Rifugio Boschetto (1151 m.). If you want, take the last stretch on the comfortable cart track that in twenty minutes leads back to the starting point.

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The route does not present significant technical difficulties while requiring a medium physical effort for the difference in altitude of the first stretch. The CAI path of reference is n. 190 in the direction of Cima Trappola and, subsequently, n. 287. There is no possibility of making a mistake because the signs along the route are quite clear.

Technical advice:

It is not recommended to cross the scree of Bella Lasta – and in any case also the climb in the woods – during rains and snowfalls. Not recommended in winter for avalanche danger. With the snow and for the whole winter seasonThe access road to the Valley of Revolto, after the village of Giazza, is closed to traffic.

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Hiking clothing in the mountains, backpack with food and liquids. Suitable footwear such as light shoes or boots. Hiking or trail shoes are also suitable if you do not have excessive weight on the shoulders. The descent from Baito Mandrielo is treacherous in case of rain or wet soil. It is necessary to have a good supply of waterbecause there are no supply points for the whole itinerary.

What to see around Valle di Revolto

And if after a day of physical activity you want to relax and enjoy a romantic and quiet atmosphere less than an hour from the wonderful path you can take refuge in the beautiful Verona, capital of love. You will come across the symbol of the city, the arena of Verona that every year attracts millions of tourists. One cannot fail to visit the house of Romeo and Juliet, the real theatre where the tragic love affair of the two took place.

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What to eat on the trail

Last but not least, you can’t visit Verona without tasting the lesso with the Pearà. Dishes considered among the most representative of the cuisine of the Veronese territory or even the risotto, which are among the most present dishes in the regional cuisine, which here is proposed with the variant to Tastasal. Tastasal is the pork dough that is used for the production of sausages.  

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