Red Court, success Made in Italy

Silvia Tramatzu interviewed Lorenzo Maioli, CEO of Alpina Maglierie Sportive and holder of the Australian brand. A reality founded in 1946 by Leardo Gabrielli, who revolutionized the Italian clothing industry and not only because of its innovative impact.

The Red Court brand Red CHYPERLINK has 60 years of history behind it, the company 70, with a strong position within the sportswear field. Such a long history also means adapting to changes and market needs, with fast and effective responses, in line with the ability of the Italian company, with its flexibility and innovation.

The Red Court brand is therefore created with the need to face new challenges and new markets, with a strong identity in the Australian fashion brand Australian, known all over the world, and widely appreciated by all types of customers. Its connotation is therefore linked to the quality of Italian excellence and the tennis universe tennis. The production chain also functions to the  maximum flexibility and efficiency possible.

The operational headquarters are located in Gorgonzola (MI) and oversee the acquisition and management of raw materials and accessories, referring also to all Italian assembly lines. Here, a careful and comprehensive quality control is then carried out to ensure that every Australian clothing item and every article that leaves the  company, meets all the established quality standards.

In this sense, therefore, craftsmanship and technological innovation must necessarily coexist and go hand in hand to allow the brand to retain that excellence for which it is known and recognized everywhere. This is one of the characteristics of Made in Italy, which “resists” over time despite the great competition coming from all parts of the world and in all fields.

And this is certainly one of the “secrets” that allows the company to keep up the quality of a production such as that of Australian, which connotes and continues to do so as a whole product and exquisitely made in Italy.

The “tennis” setting is Australian’s leading brand mark, a “trend” that descends and is interpreted in a personal and creative way, with strong links to sportiveness, competition and style. It is important to always refer to this original setting, and the Red Court brand responds fully to these guidelines. All finished off by a unique and deep passion for this work … According to three code words that identify the Red Court line: Sportswear, Heritage and Urban. The challenge continues for Lorenzo Maioli!

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