Dolce e Gabbana: Italian Fashion Designers par Excellence

Did you know that Italian fashion is considered among the best in the world? It is no coincidence that great international stars have their unique, elegant and precious garments made by our greatest designers.

Take, for example, Dolce and Gabbana, the Italian designers par excellence, who have exported their brand all over the world, enjoying considerable success.

Would you like to get to know them better and know how they managed to reach their success, walking the most important Italian and international catwalks?

I will begin by telling you that these two great men aim their collections mainly at young people, from whom they draw inspiration to create original and inimitable garments.

Well known national and international showbusiness figures such as Madonna, Monica Bellucci and Angelina Jolie, to name just a few, have even elected them undisputed leaders of fashion.

Do you want to know more? Then just continue reading!

Dolce e Gabbana: who are Domenico e Stefano?

I bet you cannot wait to know how Dolce and Gabbana become an example of Italian success in the world, what they did before and how they found themselves working together.

Domenico Dolce

Domenico Dolce was born in Polizzi Generosa, in the province of Palermo, on 13th August 1958 and at the age of 6 he started drawing his first clothes.

Born the son of a tailor and a mother who sold clothing fabrics, Domenico grew up in close contact with fashion, a passion that will guide him to success in the following years.

But that’s not all: he soon decided to leave his hometown to reach Milan, the capital of fashion, bringing with him a great dream: to work with Giorgio Armani.

He began by attending the Istituto di Moda Marangoni, which he abandoned before taking his degree. Also in the Lombard capital he met Stefano Gabbana in 1980, with whom he started working a few years later.

Did you know that Domenico and Stefano were also romantically linked for about 20 years? And even after their split, their bond was so strong that they remained united in leading their company to success.

Stefano Gabbana

Stefano Gabbana is a pure Milanese and was born in the Lombard metropolis on 14 November 1962 from a Venetian family.

When he meets his partner, Stefano is already working for a fashion company and it is precisely here that the two get to know each other, do you know how?

Domenico calls the company in which Gabbana works to find a job and since then the latter takes him under his protective wing, guiding him in the knowledge of design processes.

After a few years the two Italian designers create their own company that deals with consulting in the design sector, working separately at first.

Would you like to know how the name “Dolce & Gabbana” came about? the accountant who worked for them advised them to bill together, so as to reduce costs and streamline procedures.

Dolce & Gabbana - Italian Traditions

Dolce & Gabbana: From the first collections to international success

Let’s discover together how Domenico and Stefano made their way into the world of fashion, from their first collection to the presence on the most prestigious catwalks in the world.

It was in 1985 when the two began to make themselves known by presenting “Real Women”, their first collection, during the Milan Fashion Week.

The following year they opened the first store and then launched a line of sweaters on the market.

And it was just the beginning, because the escalation of creations continued with the line of beachwear and underwear.

We reach the nineties, which mark the growth of the couple thanks:

  • to the first female spring / summer and fall / winter collections (1990-1991)
  • to the launch of the first Dolce & Gabbana women’s perfume (1991)
  • to the launch of the D & G brand dedicated to young people (1994).

And of course these are just some of their fabulous creations, given that in the following years the prestige of the two designers grew more and more until they were among the best in the world.

Did you know that in 2010 they designed the game uniforms and outfits for the English Chelsea team?

That’s right and there are still many wonderful creations by Dolce and Gabbana in other areas such as watches, jewelry, cosmetics and accessories, to list them all would take too long.

Without a doubt we are proud that two fashion artists like themselves represent us all over the world!

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