Barilla: 40 years of history for the Italian Brand par Excellence

In honor of its first 40 years of history, Barilla, a famous Italian company that has always dedicated itself to the production of pasta and sauces, has decided to focus again on its Italian market by implementing major investments. The goal is to contribute to the economy of the country and to aim at new foreign markets in which to export Italian products. The investment mainly concerns the creation of a new factory, already inaugurated and located in Rubbiano, which will mainly focus on the operations of preparing sauces and pesto. The result is that of succeeding in bringing the entire production back onto the Italian territory, without entrusting part of the production of basic raw materials to foreign countries.

Barilla - Italian Traditions

Barilla sauces: between tradition and innovation

Barilla, apart from producing pasta in the most varied shapes and sizes (without ever moving the production outside Italy), has also always worked in the field of packaged sauces, the necessary ingredient of every Italian pasta dish worthy of respect. The company has always been a pioneer of pasta dishes, a pity that in recent years the production of sauces was supported by partner companies. Today, therefore, to celebrate its 40 years of history and tradition, the company has decided to invest again in its territory and to begin producing the delicious sauces directly on site, also for greater control of the final quality of the product and to renew it under every aspect.

Barilla sauces are in fact produced in many variations, with new proposals being added every day. In addition to the classic Italian sauce or the equally classic traditional sauces, such as ragu or all’arrabbiata sauce, over the years other products have also been added such as:

  • “The pestati”, produced with dried vegetables, such as dried tomatoes
  • Special sauces, with olives, tuna sauce or with ricotta
  • Organic sauces
  • Vegetable sauces such as soy ragù, designed to meet the needs of the growing vegetarian population

Barilla - Italian Traditions

Barilla investments in numbers

The main investment for 2018 in honor of Barilla’s 40th anniversary concerns precisely the new sauce factory, located in Rubbiano, in the province of Parma, and recently inaugurated. The mission is to completely reverse the route undertaken: from production abroad with consumption mainly in Italy, they will try to do the exact opposite. Production in Italy and direct export, aiming to conquer even the “difficult” markets of China and Japan. The investment in figures has cost approximately € 40 million. The target? To count at least 120 employees and to produce approximately 150 tons of tomato-based sauces and 50 tons of all types of pesto every day.

Barilla: the flagship products of the all-Italian brand

As for its primary production sector, namely that of Barilla pasta in various shapes and sizes, Barilla has its own flagship products (definitely including Spaghetti and Rigatoni) and also some shapes which are considered “special”. Among these, apart from a wide range of wholemeal and semi-wholemeal products (among which the 5-cereal pastas stand out) there are the so-called “Piccolini”, the “baby” versions of top-quality pasta designed especially to cheer up children’s dishes, a wide selection of environmentally friendly Bio pastas and an equally wide range of more particular pastas, such as regional specialities , among which we must mention, for example, orecchiette and trofie.

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