Pasotti, Precious Italian Umbrellas


Home of style and high fashion excellence, Italy is a world leader in the production of elegant and fine accessories to accompany the finest Made in Italy clothes. Over time many companies have emerged to respond to the different needs of the Italian and international stage, specializing in the highest quality productions in various sectors. For over 60 years Pasotti is among them, producing some of the best craft umbrellas of the Belpaese.

The company was founded in 1956 by Ernesta Pasotti, a talented teenager who moved to Milan in 1950 to learn the craft in an umbrella factory. She returned to his native town in the province of Mantua, then decided to open their own business in the same sector, where she created and sold its creations with the help of her husband Vittorio Giacomini, carrying herself deliveries riding her scooter. From a small artisan thus it became a solid company, which eventually grew to over 100 employees. In the ’80s and ’90s, because of the cheap imports from China, the brand underwent a major crisis, before which, however, the family Pasotti not backed away.

In fact, the brand still produces umbrellas appreciated all over the world and boasts exceptional clients like Rihanna or Meryl Streep. Today the brand has 15 employees who work to ensure perfect quality handmade products and deliver it on time all over the world. The Pasotti creations are now sold in over 55 countries, and the products are known to be made in the name of the highest quality, using only the finest materials, the most special special finishes and hand painted details.

There are models for men and women, models embellished with Swarovski and delicate summer sun, hats against the rain and fine walking sticks. In the products of the brand, tradition meets the most contemporary tastes with original combinations of colors bright, lively patterns and handles unique and unrepeatable design, in which is evident throughout the preciousness of the craftsmanship.

A brand with a long tradition leading manufacturer of umbrellas and luxury accessories, yet another Italian excellence that has been able over the years to conquer a role of international importance, with its style and craftsmanship typical of Italy.

Elegance and refinement meets the perfection of unique geometries; details and inspirations become lovely stylish touches that can make every single outfit. No matters if it is etiquette or eccentric, classic or alternative, the Made in Italy style has no rivals. Desire and luxury in our IT5 of this week.


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