Marinella Ties, English Style and Italian Craftsmanship


Land of ancient traditions and multifaceted city, since its foundation Naples has always been one of the seaports among the most important in the Mediterranean. Its wonderful old town retains in his gnarled streets churches, palaces, churches and monuments among the most valuable of the Belpaese, but also luxury boutiques become true international icons of Italian style. Particularly noteworthy among these is the boutique Marinella, the Neapolitan brand that for over a century is committed to spreading the Italian style in the world of handmade ties.

The first workshop of the historic brand was opened in 1914 by Eugenio Marinella, just 20 square meters overlooking one of the most charming promenades of Italy, where paraded all the good Neapolitan society. Thanks to its strategic position and the undeniable elegance of his creations, in short the name of the expert craftsman became known to all. Eugenio traveled to England to meet new suppliers and to know the style of the country, then he returned in the Belpaese boasting the exclusive sales of a wide range of unique clothing products from London, refined goods impossible to find in our country at that time. The two world wars and the decline of the nobility, with the appearance of the new bourgeoisie and the advent of American products, however, negatively influenced on the fate of the Neapolitan workshop.

Very attentive to the evolution of society and though custom, Eugenio didn’t lost heart, and he stops the production of shirts in favor of the tie, which has since become the flagship product of Marinella. In his small English corner in the old heart of Naples, Eugenio continued since then to create its ties, winning the admiration of the international scene and establishing itself as a true legend in the industry.

The passion for elegance and quality continues today thanks to Maurizio Marinella, grandson of Eugenio, who has gathered the heritage of the brand with passion and respect for tradition and has been able to introduce the brand abroad, from the US to Japan. Now as then, in fact, Marinella has kept scrupulous attention to the quality of raw materials and the well-kept strictly craftsmanship, creating real works of art that have become status symbols, ideal accessories for the man who loves the high class, for an elegance that can withstand the test of time.

Elegance and refinement meets the perfection of unique geometries; details and inspirations become lovely stylish touches that can make every single outfit. No matters if it is etiquette or eccentric, classic or alternative, the Made in Italy style has no rivals. Desire and luxury in our IT5 of this week.
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