A dream vacation in Courmayeur, among the beautiful scenery and snow

Courmayeur is the favorite destination for sportsmen and lovers of skiing and winter sports. It is a small town in the Valle d’Aosta that has just 3000 inhabitants but which is taken over throughout the winter season by tourists from all over the world.

Its  structure is impeccable: organized and working transport, accommodation facilities suitable to meet every need, services, order and cleanness are just some of its many qualities. Spending the winter holidays in Courmayeur means a guarantee of a relaxing stay among  enchanting landscapes and snow, with added bonuses such as the excellent local cuisine or the relaxation offered by the thousands of luxury spas present throughout its territory.

There are also numerous places to visit in the immediate surroundings, reachable by car or by public transport or, why not, even on foot taking advantage of the many trails for organized trekking.

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Snow destination in Valle d’Aosta

Courmayeur, small pearl of the Valle d’Aosta, has always been considered as one of the best destinations for having fun on the snow in Italy. It is one of the most sought after destinations  by both Italians themselves and tourists coming from abroad. Although it counts less than 3,000 inhabitants, its structure is very well organized to best accommodate mass tourism, which is pampered from every point of view. State-of-the-art accommodations, luxury hotels, spas, dream trails and activities, such as guided tours and much more … these are just some of the thousands of wonders offered by Courmayeur!

Courmayeur, neve, vacanze, valle d'aosta, Aosta-Tal, vacances, Vallée d'Aoste, Valle de Aosta, Vacaciones

What to do in Courmayeur?

Among the best things to do in Courmayeur there is certainly skiing: the place is among the most sought after by lovers of winter sports and to not take advantage of its wonderful slopes is a real shame. Courmayeur is perfect for experts as well as for those who are beginners: the first will find slopes from extreme difficulty in which to indulge, while the latter will have no difficulty in finding someone able to give private lessons to start to learn some skiing or snowboarding skills.

Courmayeur: Where to eat? Where to stay?

The small town in Valle d’Aosta is full of restaurants and hotels suitable to meet every need, even in economic terms. Among the best moderately priced restaurants, offering excellent typical cuisine, we would like to mention the historic Chalet Pan Gorret and the Chalet Proment. Those who prefer to save money will certainly find PanXFocaccia street food to be excellent, while lovers of gourmet cuisine can visit the renowned Auberge de la Maison restaurant.

But where to stay in Courmayeur? Even here, you can really choose from endless options. From the luxurious (and super-spa) Grand Hotel Courmayeur et Montblanc to the slightly cheaper, but gracious, Hotel Shatush. Those who prefer sports and excursions can spend the night at one of the many refuges not far from the city, reachable through long trekking routes, such as the Rifugio Cesare Dalmazzi. For those who prefer to stay in an apartment there is instead Ancien Casino, in the city center.


Courmayeur, neve, vacanze, valle d'aosta
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What to do in Valle d’Aosta: not only Courmayeur!

There are those who love the tourist experience and those who prefer to enjoy the tranquility offered by the contact with nature and the snowy landscapes. Fortunately, Valle d’Aosta is not only Courmayeur but offers a perfectly balanced mix: modern tourist locations are combined with isolated niches perfect for relaxing. If you are wondering what to do in Valle d’Aosta, perhaps in the immediate surroundings of Courmayeur, then, here are some ideas:

  • Skyway from Punta Helbronner
  •  Lake Combal
  •  Sassurea alpine garden
  • Val Ferret
  • Val Veny
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