Polignano a mare, one of the most famous seaside resorts on the Bari coast

Polignano a mare, overlooking the sea on the Adriatic coast, is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, and has become one of the unmissable destinations in Puglia. A place to be discovered, which combines the charm of its historic centre with the beauty of the sea.

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The heart of Polignano a mare preserves all its ancient charm intact: a labyrinth of streets and alleys, stone houses, elegant loggias and terraces overlooking the sea, to be walked slowly to better savour the atmosphere of the small town of the singer Domenico Modugno, immortalized in a large statue. The most well-known and advertised attraction is certainly Lama Monachile, with the staircase carved into the rock in the Bourbon era, which descends to the sea, where the renowned white pebble beach opens up.

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Polignano a mare, between architecture and art

The access road to the historic center is opened by the so-called Marchesale Arch, with a sixteenth-century Crucifixion, which leads to Piazza Vittorio Emanuele and the medieval Palazzo dell’Orologio. Entering the urban fabric we discover the churches of San Cosma and Damiano, the Peurgatorio and the Chiesa Matrice di Santa Maria Assunta, with the Polyptych of the Madonna with Child and Saints, by Bartolomeo Vivarini. Then there is the Marchesale Palace, and the Jewish ghetto with the small church of Santo Stefano.

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In the nearby hamlet of San Vito, it is worth seeing the ancient and spectacular Benedictine abbey, overlooking the marina, and the numerous ancient farms that rise in the hinterland are all to be discovered.

Polignano a Mare and its wonderful beaches

Furthermore, one of the many attractions of Polignano is the presence of numerous caves, some of which can be visited, such as the Grotta delle Rondinelle, the Blue Grotto and the famous Grotta Palazzese, inside which there is a renowned restaurant. Two archaeological sites, on the other hand, are visible in the Santa Barbara and Madonna delle Grottole districts.

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The coast of Polignano includes some beautiful beaches, such as that of the Madonna di Grottole, Cala Porto in San Vito, Cala Paura, Porto Contessa and Pozzo vivo. Furthermore, between Polignano and Monopoli, the Incina Tower, built by the Spaniards in the 16th century.


In addition to hotels with swimming pools, Polignano offers a wide choice of B&Bs and housing solutions for families.

Polignano a mare, the delicacies of the tip of the boot

The traditional cuisine of Polignano a mare is linked to that of the Bari area, and is strongly influenced by fishing and sea products. A particularly heartfelt tradition is that of “raw seafood”, a course that brings together various marinating delicacies served raw and fresh: sea urchins, shrimps, cuttlefish, scampi and numerous types of fish.


Another cornerstone is undoubtedly the “rice, potatoes and mussels”, also called “tiella barese“, a delicacy prepared by cooking overlapping layers of potatoes, onion, mussels in their shells and rice in the pan, with the addition of cherry tomatoes, salt, pepper. and pecorino cheese. Without forgetting the “broad beans and chicory”, a dish consisting of a tasty puree of broad beans enriched with chicory, red onion and fried green chilies. Furthermore, Polignano is particularly known for its carrots, which are distinguished by the particular plum color, which constitute a Slow Food presidium.

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