Favignana: a natural paradise in Sicily

In Italy there are wonderful islands to discover such as Favignana, the largest of the Egadi archipelago in Sicily. This is barren and wild and has unspoilt nature and crystal clear sea that attract many tourists from all over the world every year. The painter Salvatore Fiume compared it to a butterfly for its conformation.

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Here you can find out where this Sicilian island is and what you can do and see in this wonderful place. But that’s not all, in fact here you can also know what are the most beautiful beaches in Favignana. In addition, you will also know which are the best solutions to stay on the island during your holiday. Finally, here are the recipes of traditional Sicilian cuisine that you can not taste when you visit these places.

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Favignana: where is it?

Favignana is located in the north-western part of Sicily and specifically in the province of Trapani about 7 kilometers away from the coast. It is the largest archipelago of the Egadi Islands and has an area of 19 km square with 33 km of coastline. To reach the island are available ferries from Trapani that allow you to reach Favignana in about an hour and a half. It is also connected with the other two main islands of the archipelago or Marettimo and Levanzo.

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What to do and see in Favignana?

There are many things you can do at Favignana during a holiday. One of these is boat trips to discover the beautiful coves, coves and caves on the island. In this way you will discover beautiful and beautiful places. But the island is not only sea in fact the advice is to visit the historic trap of Favignana, the establishment Florio.

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This place although closed for years is the symbol of the island and today you can visit it with guided tours. Another symbol of Favignana is the fish market that takes place every morning at the port. To appreciate the beauty of the entire archipelago of Egadi the suggestion is to go to the highest point of the island, or the castle of Santa Caterina. Finally you can not miss a visit tuff quarries with their perfectly manicured underground gardens.

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Favignana: the most beautiful beaches

The island of Favignana is characterized by the presence of coasts that allow an easy landing on land. Here you can find both sandy and pebble beaches. The largest and most famous is the Azzurra beach , which is appreciated for its crystal clear sea.

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Another large beach is Lido Burroni, the only equipped beach in Favignana. Particularly appreciated for the color of its waters is also the beach of Cala di Rossa which is located in an area where there are tuff quarries. The beach of Calamoni is ideal for those who love sand and flat rocks. Instead the beaches with pebbles to visit are that of Cala Rotonda characterized by the presence of emerging rocks and the beach of Preveto-Pirreca.

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What to eat and where to stay in Favignana?

As in the whole of Sicily also Favignana la culinary tradition is closely connected with the historical, cultural and religious events of the island. Undoubtedly the most famous and known desserts are the Sicilian cannoli and cassata. But that’s not all, in fact you have to know that the typical product of this area among the most popular is tuna. A traditional dish that is the symbol of Arab contamination is cous.

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Among the families of Favignana it is tradition to pass in the family the recipes for the preparation of this traditional dish. Very popular and appreciated are also the tuna meatballs prepared following the traditional recipe.

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Now you just have to find accommodation to spend your holiday in Favignana. You should know that here you can find many types of solutions suitable for different needs. In fact you can find luxury hotels rental houses, holiday villages and much more. Most of the facilities are located in the town of the island where you can have many services.

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