Palau: the pearl of Gallura, a few steps from the Costa Smeralda

A pearl overlooking one of the most beautiful seas in the world, immersed in the turquoise blue of the sea in the north of Sardinia: Palau is the ideal destination for the next trip. A few steps from the exclusive Costa Smeralda and literally in front of the Maddalena archipelago, Palau is definitely a real little paradise in one of the most beautiful islands in the world.

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The beautiful days come and we start thinking about where to spend the summer holidays. Among hundreds of destinations, sea lovers will surely appreciate the Sardinian waters. Easily reachable (almost) from every part of Italy, the beaches of Sardinia are among the most coveted in the world for their clear and heavenly waters. Among these places, today we talk about Palau, a town in Gallura, a few steps from the nightlife of the Costa Smeralda and very close to the archipelago of La Maddalena.

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What to see in Palau

If you are seriously thinking about spending your summer holidays at Palau, then it is good to know what are the most interesting things to see, besides the beautiful sea. Among the points of major tourist interest, we certainly find the Fortezza di Monte Altura, a military fortress located outside the city that offers an excellent vantage point over the city and the sea. Another important tourist attraction is the Roccia dell’Orso, a 122-meter high granite hill that, thanks to erosion by the wind and other atmospheric agents, has acquired over the centuries the shape of a real bear.

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Because of this peculiarity, the Rock of the Bear was, in ancient times, used as a natural reference point for navigators.  The list of things to see in Palau, however, certainly can not miss the reference to the paradisiacal beaches whose only thought emanates relaxation. The beaches, which alternate with stretches of coast in granite rock, are of fine white sand and surrounded by a turquoise sea, on one side, and expanses of Mediterranean scrub, on the other. The most famous beaches of Palau are Sciumara, Porto Faro and Palau Vecchio, but the most famous is the Isuledda, a real small peninsula that gives the feeling of being on a Caribbean beach.

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What to do in Palau

The activities to do at Palau are countless. For those who do not like to stay hours and hours on the beach sunbathing, a valid alternative are water sports, such as diving and the snorkeling, where the clear and clear waters of the Sardinian sea can be the frame to one of the most exciting moments of the whole holiday.  

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And if staying in Palau is not enough, then here are a number of ideas and excursions that can make for you.  Definitely a tour to the archipelago of La Maddalena is a must when visiting Palau.  Whether by ferry or private boat, the archipelago of La Maddalena will surely offer exciting landscapes and an experience to be discovered.

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For lovers of nightlife, however, the Costa Smeralda is really just a few minutes by car. With its clubs and its social events, it is recommended to visit it both day and night to make the holiday truly memorable.

Where to sleep in Palau

Given the relative tranquility of the resort, Palau boasts of different hotels of all kinds, which meet all the needs of tourists. From the hotels forrmato family, with entertainment and private equipped beach, to exclusive and super chic facilities, nothing is missing.

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The more spartans will be lucky to be able to rent a beautiful house overlooking the sea, certainly with less comfort than luxurious hotels but highly recommended for those who love to live the sea calmly, come back late and – maybe – dine out every night!

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