Maddalena Archipelago: “a dip where the water is bluer”

Italy is a country that never ceases to surprise for the many wonders that characterize it: one of these is the Maddalena archipelago, a group of islands in Sardinia off the coast of Gallura. The archipelago is the destination of many tourists every year, especially in spring and summer: so, let’s see what are the characteristics of this enchanting place!

arcipelago della Maddalena
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Discovering the Maddalena Archipelago

The Maddalena archipelago is located in the stretch of sea between Sardinia and Corsica, known as Bocche di Bonifacio: it includes groups of islands where there are 8 beaches recognized as blue flags. The largest and most inhabited islands are La Maddalena and Caprera and Santo Stefano, Budelli, Santa Maria, Razzoli and Spargi as well as some smaller islands are part of the archipelago.

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A popular destination also for yachtsmen, the Maddalena archipelago has been part of the National Park since 1994, which extends for over 20 thousand hectares: to preserve the beauty of the place, every activity including for example sport fishing, pleasure craft and scuba diving,  must be authorized by the managing body.

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The landscape is characterized by endemic plant species and rare animals including the Corsican seagull, the rarest in Europe: these characteristics make the Maddalena archipelago one of the places where the experience of a simple walk or a bathing in the sea can be unique. The coasts of the archipelago are mostly rocky and there is the possibility of visiting different beaches: among the most beautiful is Cala Soraya, characterized by very fine white sand, crystal clear waters and a very shallow seabed, therefore also suitable for children.

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To ensure the safety of bathers, the rescue service is generally activated every year from the beginning of July at the most popular beaches of the Maddalena Archipelago and where safety is not guaranteed there are special warning signs.

What to do in the Maddalena Archipelago

As you will have understood, the Maddalena Archipelago is an inexhaustible source of beauty: for those who want to experience a dream vacation there are many organized activities that will make your stay unique. Among the most characteristic experiences there is the possibility of walking along underwater archaeological paths, as well as taking part in boat excursions aimed at sighting dolphins and Caretta Caretta turtles: on these occasions it is essential to be careful to always keep a certain distance from the animals, do not give food and do not disturb them in any way.

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For the more sporty, various places also organize trekking and mountain bike routes: between a walk and the other there is the opportunity to visit the mineralogical museum, the dolphin research center, the sea museum and other museums.

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The Major island, called La Maddalena there is a panoramic road very famous for its unspoiled nature and breathtaking landscapes: other attractions to visit are certainly the Church of Santa Maria Maddalena, the Port of Cala Gavetta and the suburb of Moneta.

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The Maddalena archipelago is also perfect for those who do not want to give up a holiday with their four-legged friend: in Caprera there is in fact a beach dedicated to dogs managed by an association that controls the beach and provides bowls of water. Umbrellas, showers and even bags for collecting animal wastes. The service is carried out free of charge and for those who want it is possible to leave a small donation in favor of the association.


Few ideas for a perfect stay in the Maddalena Archipelago

To stay at the Maddalena Archipelago there are several hotels or b&bs, from the cheapest to the most luxurious: some hotels are equipped with all comforts, including wellness paths, hot tubs, tennis courts and most are within walking distance from the sea.

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What to eat during your holiday in Sardinia

The food is also unique in the Maddalena Archipelago: among the typical specialties of the place, you certainly cannot give up spaghetti alla bottarga, grouper ravioli with prawn, ragout or gulf lobster.

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Other traditional dishes are certainly the Sardinian Porceddu, the Sardinian gnocchi with tomato sauce and sausage and among the typical desserts the seadas, the Papassine and the Formagelle.

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Plan your beach holiday early in the Maddalena Archipelago to discover an unspoiled landscape that is unique in the world!

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