Guparza Agritourism

Even metaphorically far from the routes and crowded destinations in Sardinia, Posada seems an real oasis. Time has stopped as respecting the traditions, nature and environment, because in addition to the beauty of its pristine beaches, the town enjoys an absolutely strategic position (only 30 minutes from the seaport and airport of Olbia), from which you can start to explore the coast and exploring inland villages with its small and quaint mountain towns.

Right here, in Posada, Guparza Agritourism, a place that seems to belong to the pages of an old book of photos in black and white. In a riot of colors, extreme hospitality, professionalism and friendship, Pietro Demurtas, Liliana, Louis, Graziella, Maria Antonietta, Antonio, Chiara and all other components of this wonderful family, will be able to cheer your stay in the pursuit of the rest and nature. The care in the management, the quality of the typical cuisine served and the advantage for geographical position are the outstanding elements and set of credit to this lovely agritourism where on summer days you can enjoy the shade of trees of carob tree or myrtle, planted around the structure.

And then the rustle of the reeds in the wind and the gentle tinkling bells of grazing sheep, the crowing of the cock, and a few kilometers to the sea, that of Sardinia forgotten or only dreamed.

The ruins and the stables of the past have been transformed into mini-bright houses with separate entrance, tastefully furnished and all have a bathroom, tv and a small fridge. To ensure your complete privacy and total tranquility, the rooms have been designed specially far from the dining room noise.

Relaxation areas such as the pool, the garden and the living room, will be the protagonists of your events and private functions such as birthdays, graduations, baptisms and confirmations, but also folklorists events organized by the asset with good live music poolside. If you choose as your holiday destination Guparza Agritourism, you can go hiking or horseback riding along the river Posada until the Maccheronis dam and take a leap in the interesting nuraghi scattered throughout the territory.

The cuisine of Guparza Agritourism offers a mix of robust Sardinian dishes, including tripe “chin baiolu” cattle, the “maccarrones de punzu” sauce, the “petta to lardinu” pork cut into pieces, , the “sa purpedda“, “the issalada de porcheddu“, “the anzone chin frinugu e patata” lamb of wild fennel perfume, and the sweets “sa seadas“. These delicacies are prepared by the chef Louis, a real conservative of the authentic flavors and a unique performer of truly unique processing. In the company of exceptional people, Guparza Agritourism will give you unforgettable days full of good food and conviviality.

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